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Bruce Anfindsen, a respected financial professional and industry expert, serves as a Managing Director with INTL Provident Group. With prior experience in capital-raising endeavors throughout Chile, Brazil, and Mexico, as well as other Latin American markets, Bruce Anfindsen works to utilize his specialized knowledge pertaining to investment banking, corporate finance, and emerging markets, in order to provide insightful and effective results. He primarily concentrates on hedge funds, private equity funds, and proprietary trading desks, with a broader focus on INTL Provident Group’s worldwide distribution efforts.

In his previous role as Partner for Cicerone Securities LLC, Bruce Anfindsen oversaw much of the company’s business in Latin America, which was concentrated on opportunities in agribusiness, real estate, consumer products, media, and telecommunications. In his oversight of these transactions, Anfindsen completed careful analyses pertaining to capital markets, sales and trading climates, and merger and acquisition prospects. Major areas for these investments included Santiago, Chile, and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Prior to his work with INTL Provident Group, Bruce Anfindsen gained invaluable experience in the areas of international investment, distressed debt, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, trading, specialized market investing, and credit research. As the Head of Origination for UBS’ Special Situations Group in Emerging Markets, he contributed to the management of assets measuring more than $1 billion. He also took part in syndication efforts and sourced equity and debt transactions. In addition, Anfindsen served as a Desk Trading Analyst, focusing on emerging markets for the Distressed Trading Group within UBS. During that time, he helped the company gain recognition as the leading firm for distressed trading within Latin America. This work was especially notable, as it followed the Argentine crisis in the early years of the 21st century, when economic and political instability caused the country’s GDP to plummet. Earlier in his career, Anfindsen acted as an Investment Banker and Loan Officer. He continues to utilize his highly specialized expertise to serve clients of INTL Provident Group.

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Jul 2011Present

Managing Director

INTL Provident Group


Sep 1993May 1995


Tuck School (Dartmouth College)