Work experience

Work experience
Jun 2000 - Present


Network Development Group, Inc.
Jul 1985 - Jul 2000

Environmental Protection Agency IT / Networking infrastructure

US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps
Jul 1975 - Jul 1985

Distributed Computing Manager - Lab automation and Regional GP computers

US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps
Jun 1972 - Jun 1975

Research Engineer - National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health

US Public Health Service
Aug 1969 - Jun 1972

Operations assistant / Engineer

Princeton University Computer Center


Aug 1981 - Jun 1982


Harvard School of Public Health
Aug 1972 - Jun 1974


University of Cincinnati
Sep 1968 - Jun 1972


Pinceton University


Since 2000, Bruce Almich has served as the Chief Executive Officer for Network Development Group, Inc., in Durham, North Carolina. In this role, he provides leadership for the information technology business, networks with consulting firms, and represents the company in a number of professional groups and boards. Mr. Almich also manages daily operations, including the strategic operating plan, financing as needed, and acquisition of trademarks and copyrights for the company’s intellectual property.Prior to joining Network Development Group, Inc., Mr. Almich spent more than 35 years in the field of information technology. For the majority of his career, he served as a commissioned officer with the United States Public Health Service, holding a variety of roles. Mr. Almich also has 12 years of experience as a telecommunications manager, operator, and designer for the United States Environmental Protection Agency. During his time with the Public Health Service, Mr. Almich published more than a dozen educational papers in industry journals. These included technical papers on the subjects of occupational safety and health and information technology. Mr. Almich also collaborated on the development of the EPA’s Environmental Service Laboratory Automated Data Information and Quality Control Standard. Mr. Almich places great importance on his own continuing education. From 1972 to 1982, he earned Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Engineering, along with Master’s degrees in Business Administration and Public Health. He continues his education to this day, seeking out updated training in areas such as telecommunications, networking, and information technology. In his spare time, Bruce Almich enjoys outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, and hiking. He is also involved in amateur radio, a hobby he has pursued since the age of 10. Mr. Almich donates his time and resources to the Apex United Methodist Church and the Carnivore Preservation Trust.


Donated time to the Carnivore Preservation Trust in NC; Donated time and resources to the Apex United Methodist Church, Apex, NC. Amateur Radio since age 10; Fishing, camping, hiking.