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Founded in 1938, Brown McCarroll, a multi-practice law firm, mainly serves various cities in Texas, yet maintains a national presence. By the 1980s, the firm had established core practice areas of litigation, real estate, business law, and environmental law. Through a series of mergers, Brown McCarroll expanded into Dallas and Houston, and added several more concentrations including electricity law, estate planning, and governmental and legislative affairs. Bringing together both business and governmental experience, Brown McCarroll aims to give their clients a voice in the legislative process. The key to Brown McCarroll’s governmental and legislative affairs practice has been to build relationships with decision makers in state and local legislatures and in administrative agencies. Several of the firm’s attorneys have served in the Texas legislature or as staff members, and have worked on various boards and commissions. This network of relationships insures that Brown McCarroll maintains credibility and has insight into the policy making process. Attending to each stage of the process, Brown McCarroll advocates for clients at the local, state, and national level. Representing clients during agency rule making, licensing, and enforcement, Brown McCarroll attorneys also lobby legislators and their staffs in order to mold legislation. Although focused mainly at the state level, Brown McCarroll has become increasingly involved in Washington, D.C. Focused primarily on environmental issues, Brown McCarroll’s governmental practice has regularly interacted with the Environmental Protection Agency, particularly working on matters associated with cross border air and water pollution in South Texas. Brown McCarroll also has represented health care industry clients in issues involving the Department of Health and Human Services, mostly relating to Medicare and Medicaid. Additionally, Brown McCarroll places a special emphasis on representing electrical power utilities before the state legislature. The firm played a significant role in deregulating the power industry in Texas, and continues to represent the utility industry in various capacities including in front of the Public Utility Commission of Texas and before the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, as well as other state agencies. Brown McCarroll attorneys are also involved in regulatory proceedings associated with establishing of electricity rates and the approval of power plant projects.