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Writing and Editing
Writing has always been one of my passions and hobbies, by throughout my undergraduate and graduate career I have consistently been able to incorporate it into my work and professional life. Please see the sidebar at the left for examples of my writing. Styles of writing that I am comfortable in as well as leadership positions in this area include:   Journalistic Editor-in-Chief, The Ohio State University Yearbook, 2010-2012 Also handled administrative tasks related to Ohio State’s yearbook, including negotiating a $25,000 contract and overseeing a staff of fifteen undergraduate students Executive Editor; Sports Editor, Inklings, 2006-2008 Blogging Founder and lead blogger of my personal nutrition and wellness blog, Hey Good Looking!, 2012-present Write original content on nutrition, taking care to translate the science into terms for the general public Develop and publish new recipes with complete nutritional analyses and photographs Blog Chair and Editor, Chicago Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, 2013-present Launched, edit, and post the "Student Series," which features Chicago-area dietetic interns on a weekly basis Coordinate a team of 10+ professional RD bloggers and edit biweekly posts Contributing Blogger, Maddie and Bella Coffee Company, 2013-present Research Briefs Briefs for the Chicago office a global PR firm Professional Undergraduate thesis Master's thesis Variety of summaries of current literature on various nutrition topics
I have a wide range of experiences in programming, most notable as a member of the Ohio Union Activities Board, as a marketing intern for the Ohio Union, and as the co-Chair for National Nutrition Month 2014 events. I am adept and choosing topics geared towards specific audiences and programs meant to entertain, engage, and educate. Please see my examples of my programming materials on the bottom of the left side bar. Through my experiences I have gained skills in:   Planning, marketing, and executing large-scale events for 150-10,000 students Working with event coordinators, agents, and day-of teams Communicating overall vision as well as finite details
Public Speaking
I am very comfortable with public speaking and have given presentations in a variety of settings. Topics have ranged considerably, but the majority of my presentations have fallen on the broad scope of nutrition. Audience size has ranged from 15 to 3,400. I am skilled at speaking both with a visual guide for my audience (including PowerPoint and Prezi presentations) and without such presentations, including succinct speeches and interactive speaking engagements. Examples of my presentations can be found in the left side bar. Topics I have spoken on include:   Redefine the Way "U" Dine: Nutritious and Delicious Options for Eating Well the Ohio Union August 2012: 20 professional employees of the Ohio Union 60 minutes Survey results: "I enjoyed today's program." - 4.6/5 (agree) "The information was presented in a clear, concise manner that was easy to understand." - 4.3/5 (agree) Comments: "Great presence!" "Very helpful, very informative." Thesis Proposal: Characteristics Impacting the Decision to Formula Feed Infants by Mothers Delivering at RUMC May 2013: 30+ members of the Department of Food and Nutrition Services, including faculty, dietitians, and graduate students 90 minutes Survey results (faculty): Speaker poise: 5.3/6 (good/outstanding) Presentation organization: 5/6 (good) Voice/Eye contact: 5/6 (good) Social Media Seminar for Chicago-area Dietetic Interns January 2013, January 2014: 100+ graduate students and dietetic interns 45 minutes Survey results: Content: 4.6/5 (good/excellent) Delivery: 4.6/5 (good/excellent) Food Politics and the Dietary Guidelines: Advising Americans February 2014: 35+ members of the Department of Food and Nutrition Services, including faculty, dietitians, and graduate students 30 minutes Survey results: (faculty and dietitians): Organization: 3.1/4 (proficient/distinguished) Audience Contact: 3.9/4 (distinguished) Poise: 3.5/4 (proficient/distinguished) Audience involvement: 3.8/4 (distinguished)
Social Media Management
I am very knowledgeable about  various social media platforms as well as the management of these platforms in creating social media campaigns and promoting individual brands. Additionally, I am skilled at creating messaging targeting specific groups and communicating nutrition- and food-based messages. Platforms that I am well-versed in include:   Hootsuite - Management of various social media platform WordPress - Site design, management, and blogging Google Analytics - Tracking trends, site visitors, and page views Twitter - Responsible Tweeting, Twitter Chats, tracking Facebook - Personal and professional pages, including tracking Pinterest - Including tracking Other image-based food and recipe platforms - Including Healthy Aperture and Food Gawker Instagram
Graphic Design
I am proficient in designing educational and promotional materials utilizing the Adobe Design Suite, including Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator. Additionally, I am a novice photographer and very knowledgeable in copy right guidelines when utilizing photos by other photographers. Please see the programming section on the bottom left corner for examples of my work.

Recognition and Awards

  • Chicago Dietetic Student of the Year, Chicago Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, November 2013
  • Susan T. Borra Fellowship in Nutrition Communications, The Foundation of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, April 2013
  • Theda Ashley Scholarship Award for Management Potential, Dept. of Food and Nutrition Services, Rush University Medical Center, 2013
  • Undergraduate Research Scholarship, The Ohio State University, 2011-2012
  • Morale Committee Member of the Year, The Ohio Union Activity Board, 2009-2010

Work experience

For additional work history, please see my resume in the upper left hand corner.
Aug 2012Present

Dietetic Intern

Rush University Medical Center

Currently completing a two-year, coordinated Master's and dietetic internship. Please see the links at the left for examples of my work while at Rush as well as evidence of my skills.

Clinical Experience


Nutrition Communications

Food Service Experience

Professional Presentations


Community Experience



Aug 2012Present

Master's of Science

Rush University Medical Center
  • Expected Graduation: June 2014
  • Expected RDN, LDN: June 2014 in Illinois, Indiana
  • Thesis: Characteristics Impacting the Decision to Formula Feed Infants by Mothers Delivering at RUMC
  • GPA: 3.8
Sep 2008Jun 2012

Bachelor's of Science

The Ohio State University
  • Honors Diploma with Research Distinction
  • Thesis: Effect of a General Nutrition Course for Promoting Healthy Snack Food Vending Choices Among College Students
  • GPA: 3.6, Cum Laude