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I am a skilled commercial person who had always worked   as a commercial/sales director for the expansion of the businesses I worked for. Well trained in sales psychology and the handle of people.  As a dynamic person, I am also an effective communicator who is able to work both independently and as a part of a team. Known for my great memory which plays in my favour for the record of small details, I am a confident fast thinking, analytical and problem solving person in any work area; I do always take initiatives in all area of my life and work and enjoy doing it.

Work experience

Business Consultant

B.T.Onitiri Associates, LTD.

Public Relation and interpreter.

From 1982-1985.


Frudelca España, Ltd.

Frozen Tropical Fruit Pulp Salesman.

From 1985-1987.

Commercial Director

Urantis Export & Export, Ltd.

Handled the Export Of various Foodstuffs to Africa, especially food commodities.

From 1996-1999.

Frozen Food Sales Manager

Clip Express, Ltd.

Worked as Frozen Food Sales Manager, ensuring the distribution of Frozen Tropical fruit Pulp Nationwide.Handled also the Export Section.

From 1993-1996


Camper Europa, SA

Worked as Salesman, ensuring the distribution of the Frozen Tropical fruit Pulp Nationwide.

From 1987-1990.

Sales Manager

Frutas Julian, S.A

Worked as Sales Manager in the Food field, ensuring the distribution of the Tropical fruit Nationwide.

From 1990-1993.

Sales Manager for Spain & Europe

Marindus, SL

Aug 2000-Sept 2007

My work covered the following fields:

  • Seek and established various key points of distribution in the country.
  • Seek and established important distribution points in Europe.
  • Handle the sale team.
  • Strengthen the image of The international image of the company.
  • Be the skilled translator of the company: Spanish to French and English.
Feb 2008Present

Comercial Director

Jota Jota Alimentos Global, SL

My Work In the Company included:

  • The commercial Direction of the company.
  • Take care of the importation and exportation of the goods in Europe.
  • Seek and established various key points of distribution in the country.
  • Handle the sale team.
  • Strengthen the image of The Brand Coexito.


University Of Cambridge Certificates
  • Certificate Of Proficiency In English
  • Fisrt Certificate In English
  • Diploma Of Modern Managenment
  • The British Careers Training College Of Jersey

The London Chamber Of Commerce:

  • Higher Stage Certificate English For Commerce
  • Intermediate Stage Certificate English For Commerce

Languages :

  • French: Speak and Write Fluently.
  • English: Speak and Write Fluently.
  • Spanish : Speak and Write Fluently.

Additional Skills: Formed in the American Sales and Commercial Techniques, self

Motivation and Motivation of others.

Operating Systems Windows & Windows Applications:

Office/Word/Excel/ Win 2000/2003/2008/XP/NT

Website Design (intermediate)


Commercial Person
Skilled Sale Person in many fields especially in the food industry. With many years of experienced, I had participated in the creation and expansion of many companies all across Europe, Africa and mainly in Spain. My main area of strength is in the commercialization, distribution, export and import of diverse Foodstuffs.