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Camera: Shooting and Writing Skills
I have learned how to work a camera throughly as well as how to hold one when not in use. I learned what angles to use and which not to use. My personal favorite angle is the bird's eye view. I was taught where and where not to stand during an event when shooting pictures or video taping the event. I learned how to put together a yearbook with pictures and designs and how to write captions and stories to fit those pictures.


I have many goals but don't know which to pursue. I have one specific goal in mind and that is to graduate high school with a B average. I plan to stay after school and work hard to maintain my B average. I plan to turn in any and every piece of work I have. I want to work hard and put all my effort into doing all my work and handing it in on time. One character trait I have would be being caring. I care about everyone and I'm always trying to help people. Sometimes I think about others more than myself and I love helping others and taking care of people and I appreciate life for what it is. I clean houses after school and plan to make that a business of my own some day. I want to have my own business called Brooks' Cleaning Service and I would love for it to be successful.

Work experience

My best work would be in newspaper, yearbook and being in pep club. I have written many poems in college literature class as well as short stories. I have done community service at churches and the turner rec center and I feed the homeless every summer.