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Brooks Kushman

Founded in 1983 by five intellectual property attorneys, Brooks Kushman has grown ten-fold, gaining a reputation both nationally and internationally as a leader in cutting-edge, timely, and cost-effective IP counsel. We attribute our growth and continued success to our commitment to excellence and superior client service. At Brooks Kushman, we help our clients enhance and protect their business/commercial interests and their property rights in ideas and innovations. Our experienced attorneys and agents, trained in a broad range of scientific disciplines, respond creatively to the intellectual property challenges our clients face and work with them beyond the boundaries of traditional IP legal services. Our transactional attorneys negotiate contracts, including licensing agreements while our commercial litigators defend our clients' interests in a wide range of contract disputes, business torts and in copyright and trademark infringement lawsuits. At all times, we stay focused on the commercial realities of the market in which our clients operate, and work toward enhancing the value of their IP assets.


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Headquartered in Detroit, the law firm of Brooks Kushman specializes in counsel, procurement, and licensing related to intellectual property (IP) and technology issues. The company boasts 26 years of high-level experience, both nationally and globally. Brooks Kushman employs a professional team of attorneys and agents trained in a wide range of scientific disciplines, many with advanced technical or business degrees. The law firm, begun in 1983 by five IP attorneys, maintains a reputation for cutting-edge, cost-effective counsel with a commitment to excellent service. As a leader in global patent protection and prosecution, Brooks Kushman strives to obtain the most effective patent protection available for its clients. Maintaining a foreign filing department, the firm helps maximize client rights in each country by staying up to date on changing laws. Attorneys work closely with a client’s business managers, engineers, and foreign counsel to furnish the best solutions for each situation. Companies located outside the United States also utilize Brooks Kushman’s expertise to obtain U.S. patent protection. The firm has secured patents in a variety of areas, including computer software, biomedical arts, and product design arts. The practice management matches attorneys to each case based on their levels of technical proficiency in relation to the inventions represented. The firm operates based on the premise that early collaboration between attorneys and clients produces the best results. Brooks Kushman also offers a range of copyright and trademark services domestically and in foreign countries, from registration through enforcement. In addition to its Detroit headquarters, Brooks Kushman provides clients with access to services through a California office in Los Angeles. Prospective clients can gain information on the firm and its services by visiting, by calling the Michigan office at (248) 358-4400, or by calling the California office at (213) 622-3003.


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Providing advice on the management of patent portfolios Formulating a strategy for the profitable licensing of assets Developing joint venture agreements and technology transfers Creating confidentiality, non-competition, and non-disclosure agreements Surveying the existing patent landscape and providing an opinion Engineering design-around products to avoid existing patents.