Brooklyn Peterson

Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody- unknown


Welcome to my ePortfolio, where you can browse through my resume, accomplishments, and the things I value. 

Work History

Work experience
Jun 2013 - Present


Earls Restaurant, Lethbridge
  • Handled stressful situations in a calm and composed manner.
  • Formulated relationships and connections within the work place, and with customers.
  • resolved conflicts using critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Strengthened my note taking skills with writing costumers requests down.
Jul 2011 - Jul 2013

Cashier employer

Staples Business Depot, Lethbridge
  • Provided customer service.
  • Supplied and maintained customer service desk.
  • Collaborated with co-workers and managers on effective improvements in-store. 
Oct 2012 - Jan 2013

Seasonal employer 

American Eagle, Lethbridge
  • Arranged and organized clothing and price tags.
  • Implemented creative thinking.
  • Familiarized myself with all departments of the store. 


Sep 2014 - Present

Criminal Justice Policing Diploma Program

Lethbridge College 
  • Developed skills and knowledge in law enforcement.
  • Established an understanding of individuals with disabilities.
  • Improved my technical writing skills.
  • Strengthened my ability to problem solve and communicate effectively.
  • Gained knowledge regarding diverse communities.


Sep 2009 - Jun 2013

High School Diploma

Lethbridge Collegiate Institute
  • Graduated high school meeting al requirements.
  • Participated in school sports and student council.

Mission Statement 

Vision Statement

Value Statement

Volunteer Experience 

Volunteer Experience



Short term goals

  • To graduate from the Criminal Justice Diploma Program at the Lethbridge College in April 2016 with high grades.
  • Maintain, and even improve, my level of fitness and dedication at the gym. 
  • In April 2015, gain more volunteer experience with my spare time during the summer break.

Long term goals

  • Continue my schooling and receive a degree. Following graduation from the Lethbridge College, apply to Simon Fraser, school of criminology.
  • To have completed two more humanitarian trips, teaching young women and men in third world countries, and contribute to building safe communities. 
  • To always strive to be better at everything I do, including my relationships, my career, my health and fitness, and my duties at home. 




Hard Working
  •  Balance my time efficiently.
  • Always improving my physical physique.
  • Focus in school to maintain good grades.
  • Strive to always  strengthen my relationships.
  • Achieve my goals in all aspects of my life.
  • Writing down schedules.
  • Being on time for events.
  • Preparing what is needed ahead of time.
  • Maintaining organized notes.
  • Having a flexible schedule.
Team Player
  • Staying loyal to team members.
  • Communicating effectively.
  • Providing input and creative ideas.
  • Putting your team before yourself.
  • Being committed and dependable.
Effective communication
  • Openly talking and voicing opinions when necessary.
  •  Being respectful to other people in conversation.
  • Taking into account the tone of voice.
  • Keeping an open mind.
  • Attentively listening to others thoughts and opinions and actively providing constructive feedback.