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Teaching Philosophy

I believe in a safe  environment where students are able to reach their full potential without any fear or doubt. I want students to be able to come into my classroom and know that their opinions and beliefs are completely valued by myself and their peers. It will sound like confidence and laughter, as well determined hard work inside the four walls. I hold very dearly to my heart that students' names should be pronounced correctly straight away, and how important it is that I understand them as learners and humans.

I believe that learning should be collaborative and reciprocal. That I can learn from the students as much as they can learn from me. Co-constructing success criteria and classroom expectations I think, is essential for students, as they feel a sense of ownership and that they are at school to really co-exist and not just listen. Students will have the opportunities to work together, sit together, talk together and share their understandings with each other and me.

I believe in respectful relationships between family and myself. Gaining the respect from parents and family, allows positive, honest relationships to be built, ultimately accelerating their child's learning.  However, I also have a strong sense of social justice, and if a student is unable to get support from home, I will make sure that child receives the best learning opportunities they can in the classroom.

I believe in collaboration with my colleagues. Sharing ideas, resources and having additional support is vital as a teacher.  I want to be able to learn from others, and also be able to contribute to team discussion. I wish to gain respect from my colleagues and be able to work alongside them in all aspects of the school. 

Work history

Feb 2016Dec 2016

Classroom Teacher

Sunset Primary School, Rotorua, New Zealand

I completed my first year of teaching at this school. It was a decile 1a, with our families coming from very low socio-economic backgrounds. I received so many amazing Professional Development opportunities, made life long family members with the staff, and was able to extend my teaching practice in ways I never imagined. It was an incredible place to start my journey.

Professional Referees

1. Neils Rasmussen

Principal- Sunset Primary School, Rotorua, New Zealand.


Phone-  +64272795356

2.Prue Nikora

Mentor Teacher- Sunset Primary School, Rotorua, New Zealand.


Phone- +64212440388

3. Annie Russell

Final Practicum Associate Teacher, 2015.

St Mary's Catholic Primary School, Rotorua, New Zealand.


Phone- +64211136170



I have a strong passion for Literacy. Particularly, with writing in older children and reading in younger. I always have loved literacy, and in turn I have come to love to teach it also. I aim to make students multi literate and access their literacy skills through almost all learning areas.


I have a good basis for teaching Mathematics, and I am always seeking new and different ways to implement practices in order to excel. I successfully taught many of my year 1 and 2 students and got most of them to where they needed to be. 

Language incorporation

Being from NZ I have a good basis of New Zealand Maori. However, in my classroom we honoured many languages everyday. Through the roll call, we use different greeting. In maths we counted in different languages.These were just a small way we could incorporate language into our everyday routine. All these things honour different cultures and aim to teach the children about diversity in the world. Although I am not fluent in any language I believe even a snippet of other languages creates many learning opportunities.

Religious Education

I feel confident and competent to teach about not only Religion but how children can live a life of faith. 

Classroom Management

Classroom management ended up being strength of mine. I believe I created an environment where the children felt safe enough to make mistakes without getting upset. I was able to ease children into daily routines and they knew what was expected of them. Although it was not smooth sailing straight away, perseverance with my children and getting to know them as individuals is what helped to understand how to manage them better. I also was fortunate to participate in the "Incredible Years for Teachers" program in which my Professional Development catering to behaviour and classroom management was enhanced.

e- Learning

Being a Millennial, my ability with technology is high. However, my school was not so fortunate to be in the position where my children had access to technology to help their learning. I have been able to witness its uses on different practicums and am still big a advocate on how technology enhances learning. I am fast learner in this area and am always seeking to learn more.


 I am always developing, improving and learning from others the best assessment practices for each individual child. I can use a range of formative for learning assessment strategies, these have helped me form OTJs about students and supported me in knowing exactly how a child is progressing. I am able to implement summative assessment fluently and efficiently.



Bachelor of Teaching (BTCHNG)- Primary

The University of Waikato

The Bachelor of Teaching Degree is a qualification that will set me up for a rewarding journey as Primary School Teacher.


NCEA Level 3 Endorsed with Merit

John Paul College, Rotorua