I believe in a safe  environment where students are able to reach their full potential without any fear or doubt. I want students to be able to come into my classroom and know that their opinions and beliefs are completely valued by myself and their peers. It will sound like confidence and laughter, as well determined hard work inside the four walls. I hold very dearly to my heart that students' names should be pronounced correctly straight away, and how important it is that I understand them as learners and humans.

I believe that learning should be collaborative and reciprocal. That I can learn from the students as much as they can learn from me. Co-constructing success criteria and classroom expectations I think, is essential for students, as they feel a sense of ownership and that they are at school to really co-exist and not just listen. Students will have the opportunities to work together, sit together, talk together and share their understandings with each other and me.

I believe in respectful relationships between whanau and I. Gaining the respect from parents and whanau, allows positive, honest relationships to be built, ultimately accelerating their child's learning.  However, I also have a strong sense of social justice, and if a student is unable to get support from home, I will make sure that child receives the best learning opportunities they can in the classroom.

I believe in collaboration with my colleagues. Sharing ideas, resources and having additional support is vital as a teacher.  I want to be able to learn from others, and also be able to contribute to team discussion. I wish to gain respect from my colleagues and be able to work alongside them in all aspects of the school. 

Work history

Work History
Oct 2013 - Nov 2013

Sara Dennis

Tamahere Model Country School, Hamilton

Student Teacher in a Year 5-6 class. I learnt valuable skills to initiate my professional development as a teacher. Classroom management was a particular, positive learning curve from this first practicum and I have continued to learn more throughout the remainder of my degree. From this first practical  I established to myself that I have a love to learn"You take advice so well and act upon it. Because of this positive attitude and teachability, you made fantastic progress for a first practicum." -Sara

Aug 2014 - Sep 2014

Ann Sheehan

Rotorua Intermediate School, Rotorua

This practicum was in a setting of Year 8 students. I learnt so much about inquiry and e-learning as it was a digital classroom. I have continued to learn more about it as it was eye opening. The age group of the 12/13 year olds was extremely beneficial to have as I definitely faced some definite challenges but also great successes. From these I took a range of behaviour management strategies through the PB4L philosophy that I will continue to use and adapt to students accordingly. "Brooke is a conscientious and committed person who also possesses enthusiasm, humour, initiative, and flexibility.She treated the students as individuals and that earned their respect." -Ann 

May 2015 - Jun 2015

Annie Russell

St Mary's Catholic Primary School, Rotorua

My final practicum was in a Year 1 class, for eight weeks. This practicum cemented everything that I believe in as a teacher. Not only did I learn so much about teaching such a young age, and the amazing ways they all learn. I also got to build such a great rapport with all the staff and the parents. The conversations I had with the parents were enlightening and they all showed me such respect and said some great things to me that affirmed my confidence and self-belief. "Brooke met with parents every morning and discussed any issues with them. She was very accommodating and mainted a good level of professionalism. They all commented on what a great job she was doing, the proof in their children's obvious affection for her." -Annie

Professional Referees

1. Annie Russell

Associate Teacher- St Mary's Catholic Primary School, Rotorua.

Email-     Phone- 0211136170.

"Brooke was a confident and enthusiastic practitioner. She was able to step into the role of classroom teacher with ease and seems to have a natural ability when it comes to teaching specific skills and strategies. She has a natural way with children and showed that teaching is a career suited to her personality."

2. Brian Prestidge

2015 Evaluative Practicum Lecturer- The University of Waikato.


Phone- 07 8552058 (H) or 0212733096

"I have clear view of Brooke as a person with great attitude for teaching, genuine commitment and passion for your professional role, a strong sense of social justice and a rapidly developing technical process. I know from the experience of these visits that you have the potential to be an outstanding teacher."

3. Ann Sheehan

Associate Teacher- Rotorua Intermediate School, Rotorua.

Email-       Phone- 0274919576.

"Brooke is dedicated to constantly improving and expanding her knowledge base and teaching competencies. It has been wonderful to watch her grow and develop as teacher especially with her digital learning."


2013 - 2015

Bachelor of Teaching (BTCHNG)- Primary

The University of Waikato

The Bachelor of Teaching Degree is a qualification that will set me up for a rewarding journey as Primary School Teacher.

2012 - 2012

NCEA Level 3 Endorsed with Merit

John Paul College, Rotorua




I have a strong passion for Literacy. Particularly, with writing in older children and reading in younger. I always have loved literacy, and in turn I have come to love to teach it also. I aim to make students multi literate and access their literacy skills through almost all learning areas.


I have a good basis for teaching Mathematics, and I am always seeking new and different ways to implement practices in order to excel. I have worked closely with the Numeracy Project Books throughout my degree and practice. I have successfully completed three Numeracy papers at University, of which, only two were compulsory. 

New Zealand Maori

Always trying to improve myself here, as I feel very strongly about keeping the language in all schools. I do not come from a Maori background but I am passionate about learning  all about it. All the best commands, gestures and basic language I know will be implemented into my classroom program. I successfully undertook two Maori papers at University to enhance my own learning.

Classroom Management

I have had positive feedback on how I use various skills to manage the classroom. When given my own classroom, I would co-construct expectations with the class and discover our ideal working environment collaboratively. I  will use an external rewards system, focusing  on positive praise rather than seeking punishment.

e- Learning

After my second Practicum I took away a whole new understanding on how schools are using e-learning as their premise for assessment data collecting and overall teaching. Google docs and apps was the outlet used and I learnt a lot about how to use them effectively.

Inquiry Learning

I had a bit of experience with inquiry learning on my second practicum. Integrating many areas from the curriculum into one overall unit was such interesting learning. It was enlightening to see the progress students made when given the opportunity to take control of their own learning through research based connections. 


 I am always developing, improving and learning from others the best assessment practices for each individual child. I can use a range of formative for learning assessment strategies, these have helped me form OTJs about students and supported me in knowing exactly how a child is progressing. I am able to implement summative assessment fluently and efficiently.

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