• Castlewood SD

Brooke Bruinsma

Position Applied For: Houseparent


My jobs and experiences are going to prove that i have the qualities it takes to get the job.


Work experience

Volunteer Helper at Vacation Bible School

2012 - Present
  • Work with kids
  • Supervise others and make sure they are behaving and doing what they are supposed to
  • Clean up after the kids and assist them with their activities and work 

Volunteer with Youth Group for the PACH program

2014 - Present
PACH Program, Watertown, SD
  • Make an assembly line and put certain foods in a bag
  • Pach program gives the bags to ones who are in need of them

Volunteer at Youth Basketball amd Volleyball Camps

2014 - Present
Youth Basketball and Volleyball Camp
  • Assist kids in learning basketball and volleyball skills
  • Exhibit new moves to them 
  • Provide a positive attitude and encourage the youth
  • Present leadership to the ones who are watching me 

Volunteer Helper at Grace Luthern Church Dinner with Youth Group

2014 - 2014
Grace Luthern Church Dinner
  • Serve people food
  • Wash off the tables after everybody was done eating
  • Give assistance to the elderly with what they needed
  • Mop the floors and pack up everything after the dinner is concluded



Masters Degree

2017 - 2021
South Dakota State University

Coursework: Generals

High School Diploma (Anticipated: 05/2017)

2013 - 2017
Castlewood High School, Castlewood, SD

GPA: 4.0

Coursework: Enrichment: sewing and baking, Biology, Physical Science, Geometry, Algebra, World History, Geography, Art




Leadership needs to be shown in numerous activities that i am involved in. You need to be a leader to those who look up to you for guidence. When you are working with others, leadership is key to get things done and be the best they can.

Time Management

I manage my time wisely and get things done when i need to. If i have a deadline for something, i will g
January 1st, 1863 the Proclamation was signed. It abolished slavery and they would forever be free. Black American soldiers, 200,000 of them, signed up for the war. The Union was now fighting to end slavery.
et it done.


Teamwork is an essential skill to have throughout your life. Teamwork helps you interact with others in a kind manner and get things done as a team. I started teamwork as soon as i started sports in early elementary school. On the court or field with your team, you need to be able to work together. I have learned that without teamwork, success will not come easy.



Barry Jacobsen, History Teacher

310 E. Harry St. Castlewood High School, SD Telophone: 881-5027 Email: [email protected]

Leslie Tvedt, Girls Basketball Coach, Castlewood High School

310 E. Harry St. Castlewood High School, SD Telophone: 881-1471 Email: [email protected]

Dan Haug, Basketball Coach, Castlewood High School 

310 E. Harry St. Castlewood High School, SD Telophone: 881-4072 Email: [email protected]