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Social Media

The following are my personal social media links. Feel free to click on them and explore the life of Brittany Emilia Rae through social media, prepare to be amazed!


YouTube is a video sharing service that allows users to watch videos posted by other users and upload videos of their own. I myself do have a YouTube account. I don't have very many video's posted, but I love the idea and have watch thousands of people's videos. Check out my channel to see what I've been up to lately.


A great way to share photo's. Before I went to school for Business Administration - Accounting I graduated from Graphic Design. I have a passion to take pictures and used Flickr to share that with friends, family and the world. It is a great Social Media Tool for anyone with a passion for taking photo's.


This is my favourite Social Media Tool. It's a network of people. You join the site, and become one of hundreds of millions of other people in Facebook’s massive database. You connect with friends who are already on the site and send them a friend request, and they confirm you as a friend, or vice versa. This process is repeated over and over, and soon enough you’ll have dozens or even hundreds of confirmed friends on Facebook. You can do lots stuff on Facebook. You can upload a photo, post a link, or record a status and much, much more.. There are, in fact, something like 10 zillion things you can do on Facebook, these are just some basic examples. Facebook records what you do, and publishes this information to your confirmed friends. Facebook is in my opinion "THE BEST" Social Media tool out there and probably the most known. To see my Facebook page and what I'm up to on Facebook Click the link.


I recently did an assignment in my communications course on Social Media and how it is useful in the business world. (See sidebar for the document, titled: Social Media Research Project) I mainly did my research on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the best way to be connected to the career and working world. Although, I am a new member I already know that this is the most popular site for making connections and creating job opportunities.


I have just recently joined twitter world. At first I thought it was just a page of Facebook status' and that it would never take off, but now I have come to realize that it is a huge trend and just like Facebook everyone is on it. I plan on expanding my Social Media tool belt  with twitter by trying to "tweet" my 140 character limit as frequently as possible. By doing this I am not only expanding my Social Media tool belt, but I am also making myself more available to the world to communicate, connected and be followed.


Blogging with Brittany is my personal blog. I have recently written about Social Media topics such as: My perception of Social Media, How it has impacted the quality of news and information, and How Social Media has the potential to bring about real social change. This blog is a great way to state my opinion on all kinds of different topics to do with Social Media, as well as, give people a sense of how I think and compose. Blogging with Brittany showcases my awareness of what Social Media is and how it effects the world today. 

Introducing Brittany Emilia Rae


My name is Brittany Emilia Rae. I am currently a 1st year Business Administration - Accounting student at Durham College in Oshawa, Ontario. I have designed this social media resume to demonstrate my social media skills.

Social Media Research Project

Work experience

Sep 2005Present

Pool Supervisor/Lifeguard/Instructor

The City of Oshawa
  • Work at all seven pools for the City of Oshawa.
  • Keep all qualifications up to date; First aid, CPR C, AED, NLS, and Instructors.
  • Ensure everyone’s safety in and out of the pool while enforcing pool rules by using great observation and awareness.
  • Teach proper swimming skills and techniques, observe swimmers skills and ablities, as well as, examine skills for their level.
  • Promoted to supervisor in 2008, taking on strong rolemodel and leadership roles. Train new staff, write evaluations, ensure everything is organized, safe and instructional nights run smoothly, as well as, always ensure customer service and satisfaction.
Jan 2010Dec 2010

Graphin Design Intern

Agency 71 Inc.
  • Understand project requirements and work with clients on multiple design options based on requirements, modifications and feedback, as well as, update and communicate with clients on progress, changes and adjustments.
  • Meet deadlines while executing multiple design projects at a time with organization and time management.
  • Ensure the final project is proof read for accuracy and quality.
Jul 2009Sep 2010

Freelance Graphic Designer

Sandalwood, Engineering & Ergonomics
  • Listened and co-operated with the company to make their vision of their booth showcase and banners have a fresh, exciting new look.
  • Print advertisements.
  • Re-Brand of the Canadian side stationary including: logo, letterhead, envelope and business cards.
Oct 2004Aug 2006

Cashier, food preparation and cleaner

  • Duties include taking customers’ orders, up selling orders, accepting their money, serving food, cleaning and stocking the area.
  • Responsibilities include keeping a clean, safe and well maintained work area. Also, to ensure customer satisfaction, fast service, be inviting and cheerful.


Sep 2011Present

Durham College
Sep 2007Jun 2010

Durham College