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I have been writing fiction since before high school. While I started out as an English major at IUP, I switched to journalism in my second year.   I frequently write for my own blog, as guest for others' blogs, for the local papers and just for fun.

Work experience

Mar 2010Present

Sales Associate

Dollar Tree

As a sales clerk at Dollar Tree, I run the cash register at the front of the store and handle people's transactions. However, I have also learned along the way how to stock the store, take care of customer complaints, answer phone calls and questions. I've also learned the importance of clean and interesting presentation for our products.I am paying for my own schooling, so it has always been important for me to have a steady job in order to pay for all of life's necessities. However, I know that working in a retail position is about more than the money.While at Dollar Tree, I learned some important lessons, such as:Cash handling/cash register skillsCustomer service and satisfactionThe art of displaying products in an attractive waySettling disputes in a pleasant mannerAs someone who has worked 25-35 hours a week while still attending classes at IUP, I know the value of being able to balance a full schedule. I have also proven that I am a hard worker who is able to handle high stress levels and "the real world."

Mar 2011Present

Independent Ghostwriter is a website where individuals and companies pay others $5 to do small tasks. On Fiverr, I frequently write 800-word SEO articles on a variety of topics.During the summer and breaks, I average about seven of these 800-word articles per day.Because the buyer chooses the topic on which I will write, I have to do a large amount of research on many topics that were previously unfamiliar to me. Just some examples: earth worm farming guide, buying/sellling gold guides and information, paternity testing information, Malta tourism, Spain tourism, real estate company promotions and teasers, how-to guides for antique furniture and diet reviews.Writing for customers on Fiverr has helped me strenghten the following skills:Writing in a concise way, making sure that all the necessary information is given in just 800 wordsKeeping up with potentially hundreds of deadlines each weekResearching subjects and learning new vocabulary for each jobWriting persuasively so that people will want to buy the intended productsProviding educational articles so that my clients' potential customers feel more informed

May 2013Present

Summer Employee

Strategic Visioning Project
Sep 2012Dec 2012


Indiana County Tourist Bureau

At the beginning of the Fall 2012 semester, I walked into the tourism office and asked if they needed a little help during the holidays. From then until December, I worked in the office one day a week in order to get a better feel for office life and the work that goes on within the tourism community.I helped update the Indiana County Tourist Bureau's website ( and blog ( I have fact checked many parts of the main website, making sure that everything accurately reflects what Indiana County currently provides. We always try to reflect the county in a positive light and highlight the wonderful places here, so I have also done promotional writing for the website as well.I helped with office duties, such as making phone calls and assisting vistors who stop in with questions. Because I had only worked in retail previously, I knew that becoming familiar with office work was an important step in order to becoming a better asset for an office in the future.

May 2012Jul 2012


Spina Bifida Association of Western Pennsylvania


Aug 2009May 2013

Bachelor of Arts

Indiana University of Pennsylvania