South Dakota State University - BA

Veterans of Foreign Wars Ladies Auxiliary Celebrates 100 Years

Brittany Kuecker, an undergraduate at South Dakota State University, is involved in a number of charitable activities while working a full-time job. Brittany Kuecker has attended numerous events at the South Dakota State Convention and is a lifelong member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Ladies Auxiliary.The Veterans of Foreign Wars Ladies Auxiliary was founded as a service provider to the country’s returning veterans. Later this year the organization will celebrate its 100th anniversary. Nancy Solesbee, a member of Spartanburg Post 9539, will preside over the ceremony as its state department president. Solesbee has served as a veterans affairs officer in South Carolina for 14 years and is the widow of a former VFW Post 9539 commander. In addition to providing services for United States military veterans, the Ladies Auxiliary has donated millions of dollars to cancer and AIDs research and provides countless scholarships to local schools and nursing programs.


Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Lutheran church


Growing up in the small town of Florence, South Dakota, Brittany Kuecker made the most of her years there. In high school, Brittany Kuecker earned solid grades in addition to achieving other accomplishments and participating in several activities. For example, she took part in the Oral Interpretation Program, a demanding competitive program that required her to travel to other schools to give speeches in front of high school audiences. For several years in high school, Brittany Kuecker held a spot on the school’s gymnastics team. The resulting benefits of good posture, coordination, and physical fitness continue to serve her well in life. A member of the local Lutheran church, Brittany Kuecker regularly attended Sunday school and completed Confirmation classes. After high school, Brittany Kuecker went on to study at South Dakota State University. As a student, she has worked full-time to support her educational aspirations. In addition to her commitments at school, Brittany Kuecker maintains a lifetime membership in the Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States. As part of the organization, she attends functions at the South Dakota State Convention. In a time in which many young people eschew joining organizations that honor the country’s veterans, Brittany Kuecker’s membership in the LAVFW sets a good example for her peers and the young children she meets.