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Currently, I am a full-time student and employee. I am very driven and motivated. School and work are my main priority. I enjoy learning, and I view school as a great opportunity for success. In addition, I enjoy working and forming new experiences. I am very dedicated to my current education and profession. All of my effort is directed towards becoming a great student and employee. When I have the ability to help or gain new knowledge, I take the opportunity. 


Team Work
Working at a bank and fast food restaurant has allowed me to ascertain how to effectively work with a team. Also, school has taught me the importance of team work. 
I have completed various tasks as a teller and currently as an assistant head teller, such as: transactions, policies and procedures, regulations, cash handling, monthly audits, customer forms, higher limitations, and security procedures. My responsibilities extend further and have grown with my promotion. 
Customer Service
I have been working in the banking industry for over three years. Not to mention, I worked in the fast food industry for two years as well. My customer service skills have grown and allow me to properly fulfill customer wants and needs. Customer service is a continuous experience, and I am constantly learning. 

Work experience

May 2013Present

Assistant Head Teller

First Savings Bank of Hegewisch

As an Assistant Head Teller, I open and close our branch. I assist with the tellers when they have reached their limitations. In addition, I complete reports, perform monthly audits, and scan work. I still perform teller transactions ,however, my responsibilities have been expanded. One of my most important responsibilities is customer service. I am also a member of the Five-Star Service program. The main purpose of the Five-Star Service Program is to develop ideas to create employee satisfaction and appreciation.

Jul 2011May 2013


Station 21

Customer service was a vital aspect of my job. I was responsible for managing customer seating and satisfying customer needs. Along with customers, I helped my fellow coworkers when possible. I have also trained new employees. While working at a restaurant, I needed to adjust to sudden changes and busy shifts.

Aug 2010Jan 2013


First Savings Bank of Hegewisch

As a teller, my main responsibility was to complete transactions such as: deposits, withdrawals, processing payments, running coin, redeeming bonds, and excreta. I was responsible for ensuring balancing accuracy. In addition, I was responsible for recognizing and completing reports when necessary. I have also trained new employees. My job required excellent customer service and recognizing consumer needs. During my time as a teller, I became the branch coordinator for the Five- Star Service company program. Within the program, we discussed and formed ideas to increase employee satisfaction. In addition, we helped plan and organize our company's annual meetings.



May 2013Present

Society of Human Resource Management

Purdue University Calumet

5-Star Service Program

First Savings Bank of Hegewisch
Aug 2010May 2013

Dean's List

Purdue University Calumet