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Work experience

AWS Engineer



computer science

University of Seattle


Dedicating his utmost efforts to promoting a profound understanding of software development, Brishen Kaszycki has enjoyed recognition as someone who delivers projects on time and within budget. Brishen has been known to be a dependable people manager, mentor, recruiter and point man that can see potential in everyone and strives to develop it for the entire team’s sake. Mr. Kaszycki is employed at Seattle-based startup VenueLabs. The VenueLabs team has been helping plenty of local retailers monitor people’s comments about their enterprises via a range of social media networks.

The announcement of the VenueLabs acquisition by Groupon is exciting for Brishen Kaszycki. Joining the Chicago firm’s fast growing Seattle office is a principal event that will surely bring more opportunities for VenueLabs employees to become fully recognized for what they have been doing. VenueLabs has been able to grow as a company by leaps and bound despite having less than ten employees. This is evident in the way it has raised $2.6 million in capital from various angel investments, so VenueLabs is a relatively small acquisition for Groupon. Despite that fact, VenueLabs is poised to deliver the goods in as far as profitability for the bigger company is concerned.

Thriving in joining a research team of computer programmers, electrical and mechanical engineers and information technology professionals, Brishen Kaszycki has been fascinated with robotics, artificial intelligence and virtual reality. He knows whatever research he and his team do will surely result in a better performance of existing computer software and systems, aside from leading to the development of new computing materials, hardware or techniques.

Brishen Kaszycki graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor’s degree major in Computer Science. He is known to be detail oriented and has exceptional math skills, and this has led him to his specific career path as a hardworking and talented computer scientist.