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Work experience

Aug 2008Present

Intern in the Residential Placement Office

7th Circuit Court, Juvenile Probation

Working under the residential placement coordinator I have been:

•Writing reports for review hearings

•Interviewing adjudicated juveniles for possible residential placement

•Conducting review hearings to update the court on the juveniles progress in placement

•Conducting an aftercare group for juveniles that are to be re-integrated into the community

•Filling out the proper paperwork for interstate compact to be able to successfully transfer the juvenile to an out of state placement

•Applying for state medicaid to cover the medical expenses while the juvenile is a temporary ward of the court system

•Maintain constant contact with the placement's case managers of the adjudicated juveniles

•Review mental status exams of juveniles to ensure chosen placements ability to address necessary issues

•Maintain file organization of 150 cases

May 2003Present

Head Meat Cutter / Chef

FJC Corporation (Oliver T's Market)

As the head meat cutter for Oliver T's I am responsible for:

•Ordering product

•Maintaing proper percentages betwen cost and retail price

•Cutting all necessary product for meat case

•Preparing entrees

•Portion cutting meats for entrees and catering

Aug 1999May 2003

Head Meat Cutter / Department Supervisor

Colony Market

As the department supervisor I was responsible for:

•Deligation of duties to all department employees

•Ordering product

•Setup of full service meat case, including cutting all necessary product

•Customer service


Sep 1998Oct 1999


Radio Shack

As a salesperson for Radio Shack I was responsible for:



•Training New Employees



Sep 2005Present


As a student at the University of Michigan-Flint Social Work Program I have maintained a 3.25 overall grade point average and in my major I have maintained a 3.8 grade point average.  I also belong to the PHI ALPHA honor society through the Social Work program which is a nationally recognized honors program that helps to introduce students to a more political view of social work..  I am also a member of the Social Work club which integrates the Social Work profession and the community involvement aspect of what our degree will focus on.  I will graduate with honors in April with a Social Work degree and a minor in substance abuse therapy. 


To find gainful employment that will excercise my acquired collegiate knowledge base and help to continually broaden those experiences. 


I am an entry level bachelor's degree graduate with a strong desire to prove to an employer that I can be the employee they want to hire and to retain.  I have had a variety professional experiences and I posess a very strong work ethic and a can do attitude.  This has been displayed at all of my previous jobs. I have risen to a supervisor, trainer, or department head at many of my jobs in the food service industry.  I have the dedication and ability to succeed in any environment.  I have finished my degree while working more than full time, completing an internship, and also maintaining a household all of which demonstrates my ability to multitask and still provide quality work and enthusiasm.  I look forward to discussing any opportunities your company may have.


•Play Hockey


•Home Improvements