Brianna Nelson

Brianna Nelson


  • Best Work:

I'd have to say that my best work has been behind a camera nor a computer, but on a stage. One performance that I can safely say I've put my pride and heart into would be the production of Jack or the Submission. This production took so much time and dedication that throughout the process, we (the actors) became our distorted characters. This was such a growing experience. Though we did not advance, which we'd already predicted prior to entering the competition, we all grew as people throughout the process. We left our hearts, as well as a legacy, on the stage of that school. A project more closesly related to the production of visuals, that took a lot of effort, would be Breaking the Speed of Life.This was a student produced film that we put together earlier in the year. I feel that I impacted the production because I revised, edited, and typed the script for the cast and crew to refer back to as well as lose. This production was entered in a film festival and a few peers of mine were recognized for their work throughout. My third piece that I pride myself in would be the incomplete production of Lucid. This was written by a fellow classmate, and we spent a lot of time outside of school recording and bonding as a cast, which I think is very important. This script was very appealing to me, and though the production ended up getting cancled, I still take pride in the work that I provided.

  • Personal Initiative:

I feel that although I have not personally contributed to the class with editing or recording talent, I have helped bring in positivity and new ideas. I have also been very outgoing and excited to expand our locations and field of characters, for example: while on the set of Breaking the Speed of LIfe I was the designated retriever for extras. Without me, who would have gotten random people to breathe our air? Exactly. However, I do regret not attempting to learn more in this class. Motivation does seem to lack in most 16 year olds. I know that the topics we have covered are valuable in life and could lead to an easier success in the future. It is a shame that more of the class did not participate in these oppertunities. I feel that I have contributed multiple ideas to some of our more artistic scripts as well as musical ensembles.

  • Character:

Out of all of the character traits listed: Responsibility, Caring, Respect, Trustworthiness, Fairness, and Citizenship, I would have to say that my personality reflects most of Fairness. I am a firm believer in remaining open minded and accepting people for who and what they are, not what they appear to be or drape themselves in. I have never denied someone attention nor respect because of a physical or emotional difference, I think that everyone deserves to be treated equally - personal preference, or appearance, in any case, is irrelevant. Though I can attempt to be responsible - that 16 year old, "I don't care", mentality kicks in once again. I feel that with maturity the other traits will come into play. I constantly strive to keep an open mind. Nothing annoys me more than a narrow minded person.

  • Skills:

This semester I have studied the art of film more than the task at hand. I've spent many hours watching different types of cinema, and examining how and why the director did the things that he did to portray a certain emotion or image.

  • Community:

I am heavily involved in the theatre program at school, I haven't decided if it's my "passion" yet, so to speak, but I do have a great love for the art as well as energy that's constantly circulating when the group of us get together. I'm inactively involved in the Interact club, which I wish I could devote more time to. This club is designed to help "give back" to our community. I also have a job, unfortunately, at America's favorite drive in - Sonic. This takes up the majority of my time.

  • Goals for next year:

Although I am not furthering my pursuit of Video and Film production - I hope to expand my talents and devotion to theatre, which is closely tied in with film and video. I hope to act in a play that graciously advances in our state competition, and I hope to get more involved with community service/volunteer work. I hope to attain better grades, and care a little bit more about my acedemics.

  • My highlight:

My favorite memories stemming from this class would definitely be the relationships and friendships that have come because of it. With all of the time that we have spent together, not only as a class, but as a group of friends outside of school is really a positive memory for me. Sharing interests in arts and being able to portray them is extremely important and it seems that it has brought all of us closer together. I don't think that I'll ever be able to forget this group, or our lovely Horenderson :) Though we haven't all gotten along at times, it's all turned out for the better; the development of this class wouldn't have been so successful without every individual.

Work experience

Work experience
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