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I love fitness & health. I GET Social Media. I am passionate about becoming part of the team. 


Let's go. This resume format is a little different, especially the cheesey subheadings.  It's only taken me 22 years of life and four years of college to realize-it’s OKAY to be different. Doing things differently means making boring things better. Doing things differently gets people to like you. Doing things differently for Social Media means standing out on a feed full of information. Hopefully this resume stands out in a stack. changed my life. I graduated high school in 2012 and needed a change. has been my bible for the past 4 years. I lost 35 pounds and gained something that doesn't show up on the scale-confidence.  

This May I am finishing school at Boise State, I will have a degree in General Business Management. School taught me a lot, but my internships taught me more. This resume mainly points out my experience as a Marketing Intern at The Grove Hotel. They gave a college student a lot of responsibility to help manage their social media presence-for that I am pretty grateful.  I learned that social media isn't easy, but that's what makes it fun. Everyday is a challenge to be the best face of the company you can be. But, it's a little bit easier when you really, really like the company's face.  

"The Pump"

Aug 2015May 2016

Sales and Marketing Internship 

The Grove Hotel
  • Collaborated with marketing team to create a cohesive & strategic year-long social media strategy. 
  • Mined competition profiles to curate lists that sparked ideas for creative, innovative, and engaging content.
  • Managed a consistent and engaging corporate presence across all platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Yelp, & TripAdvisor). 
  • Demonstrated working knowledge of "best practices" to apply to each account to include: timeliness, demographics, audience, frequency, and content-type. 
  • Gained familiarity with metrics used to manage social media presence such as: conversions, impressions, engagement, & reach. 
  • Utilized various applications such as: Hootsuite, Planogram, Pixifly, Crowdfire, to streamline content execution and manage followers.
  • Assisted in integration of the project management tool "Trello" to help the team prioritize and organize major projects. 
  • Used Adobe Creative Suite to edit photos and produce graphics for use on Social Media. 
May 2015Aug 2015

Management Trainee Intern 

Enterprise Rent-A-Car
  • Gained insight on how a global industry leader runs and operates a business from the strategic level down to frontline employees. 
  • Learned the integral role of customer facing employees in the hospitality industry. 
  • Prepared a business strategy presentation as an element of the internship program that identified and solved a current issue in business processes. 
  • Gained critical sales process knowledge: need recognition, solution, close, deliver & follow-up. 
  • Worked in conjunction with vendor accounts to build relationships and loyalty. 
  • Improved communication skills by streamlining phone-call conversations and improving problem-solving strategies.
Jan 2015May 2015

Football Operations Intern (Recruiting) 

Boise State University 
  • Learned the importance of creating the value in the Boise State Football brand for families during the high involvement recruiting process
  • Created a positive and enriching tour experience for families and recruits when visiting Boise State University Campus 
  • Maintained and updated online recruiting databases
  • Sorted, organized, and classified data using Excel Spreadsheets


May 2016

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), 3.76 GPA

Boise State University 

Fall 2015 COBE Signature Student-"A COBE Signature Student has: A Passion for Learning, Effective Communication, Critical Thinking, Ethical Behavior, Strong Leadership, & Community Engagement. This award is given to one-two exceptional students per program twice a year."

Jun 2014

Associate of Business, 3.81 GPA

Spokane Falls Community College

Member of Community Colleges of Spokane Women's Golf Team: (2013 CCS Scholar Athlete of the Month-April 2013, 2013/2014 CCS Women's Golf Coaches Award, 2014 Community Colleges of Spokane Women's Golf Team Captain, 2013 2nd Team All-Conference, 2014 First Team All-Conference, 2013 & 2014 Academic First Team All-Conference)


Facebook: Started a #MeetUsMonday campaign that led to the historically highest engagement numbers for the hotel page. 

Instagram: Actively looked for opportunities to capture real-time moments that told the story of the hotel through pictures. 

Twitter: Worked to organize daily content that excited the Boise community.



High School Advanced Placement Photography Class

  • Working knowledge of the principles of design and composition elements


High School Advanced Placement Photography Class 

  • Essential and basic skills set to edit photos


If college taught me one thing it's that fitting in with company culture is key. just seems fun. I want to be a part of something where everyone believes in what they do. I think I bring a skills set that is primed to get to work, learn and be CREATIVE.