TEKSystems, Mott Community College (June 2008- Present)

Perform Desktop Support/System Administrator duties. Software & Hardware troubleshooting, installs, break/fix.

Active Directory – Add computers to the domain and password resets. Also clean up of old hostnames on the domain.

Support for Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Mac (Tiger & Leopard).

Helpdesk duties including problem resolution and ticket creation.

Staff I.T., A&E Television Networks (April 2008 – June 2008)

Technically supported the sales staff on in office and out of office sales presentations.

Perform Desktop Support/System Administrator duties including break/fix, software troubleshooting, maintain backup tapes, etc…

I’ve setup new conference room lcd television and re-integrated existing polycom video conferencing equipment, camera, dvd player, satellite dish box, vcr, & pc hookup.

TEKSystems, Northwood University (August 2007 – February 2008)

Helped with the layout, design, and technical aspect of getting Northwood’s Interactive Classroom and Video Conferencing system working optimally.

I’ve created crestron touchpanel layouts for Northwood’s vendor to program.

I’ve taken ownership of the duties and responsibilities of the Interactive Television Coordinator as well as an ITV Technician, including such things as meeting with vendors and running Interactive Classrooms & Meetings.

I’ve taken on a Technical Lead role to help enhance the ITV experience and create smooth transitions between instructor & student cameras, PowerPoint on a local pc, & document camera. Since I helped with the design, I took the lead to properly train other Tech’s in the Florida and Texas Campuses of Northwood University on the use of Interactive Equipment.

Personal Computing Solutions (April 2007 – July 2007)

I’ve troubleshot PC desktop software and hardware problems in a Windows XP operating environment.

I’ve analyzed client requirements and have recommended and implemented hardware/software solutions.

I’ve Installed Hardware such as CD burners, printers, etc…

I’ve Installed Wireless networks with WEP and WPA encryption on peer to peer networks.

I’ve also done regular maintenance and virus/spyware/adware detection and removal.

EDS, Electronic Data Systems - System Administrator (Oct. 1997 – Nov. 2006)

I’ve been doing MCSA type work for the last 10 years, duties including Desktop Support, PC Refresh, Troubleshooting hardware and software problems, and installing PC hardware and software on multiple platforms.

I’ve taken part in the installation of Windows NT4.0, Windows 98, Windows 2000, and Windows XP Operating Systems. The installations have been both with gold disk/ghosting type installs to installing the OS from scratch.

I was responsible for XDM Server Implementation. My duties including doing everything from the paperwork, planning, internal service requests, helping with XDM software install, etc...

I was Responsible for getting Point of Contacts for EDS Self Assessed Sites. Phone calls, building access, badging, etc…

I Acted as Liaison between Affinia and EDS for setup requirements and troubleshooting & improvement of PC build.

I had tight customer interaction for smooth transition of PC refresh to new equipment.

I installed and configured new GM Online PC’s and Affinia PC’s for replacement of old equipment and third party leased equipment.

I was the primary Desktop Support person at the American Axle Rochester Tech Center.

I built the Gold build disk used at American Axle & Manufacturing Rochester Tech Center using Norton Ghost 6, 7 & 8. That site was the pilot for most other AAM Sites.

I installed, configured, maintained and supported new and existing PC workstations.

I’ve done everything pertaining to Desktop Problem resolution including software install and troubleshooting, hardware install and troubleshooting, and helpdesk support.

I’ve troubleshot PC desktop / LAN software and hardware problems in a Windows W2K – DHCP, DNS, TCP / IP operating environment.

I’ve analyzed client requirements and have recommended and implemented hardware/software solutions.

I’ve provided end – client assistance on use of PC’s, network, printers and many software applications including Windows NT, W2K, Windows XP, as well as many customized applications.

I’ve built customer relations with many client sites in both the manufacturing and office type environments and helped improve communications between EDS and their client sites.

Mount Hope Church Grand Blanc - Video Editing, Graphic Design and Presentation, 6+ yrs. Total experience. (Continual)

I help design new graphics for website using the Adobe CS3 Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, and Indesign.

I create the PowerPoint slides from Pastors sermon notes with Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Photoshop, and Microsoft PowerPoint.

I create and edit video material with Sony Vegas 6.

I’ve helped designed our weekly bulletin with CorelDraw 11.

Crossing the Web - Graphic Design and Web Design Implementation, Partner, (Continual)

I’m designing graphics for websites using the Adobe CS3 Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, and Indesign.

I’m responsible for helping design brochures, posters, business cards, billboards, etc… for existing and upcoming new clients.

Leadership Development, (1988- Continual)

Leadership:I’ve cultivated the skills needed not only for self-improvement but also business development and motivation.

Relations:I’m very skilled in interpersonal relations, on the telephone and face-to-face. I have knowledge of network organization and individual counseling.

Seminars:I’m familiar with setting and layout of meetings and business functions.

Marketing:I’ve conducted sales and marketing presentations and have utilized training and business development systems.

Communication:I’ve acquired selling techniques and have developed an excellent ability to communicate with people.

Design: I’m very skilled in Graphic Design, Video/Audio Editing, and PowerPoint Presentation Design/Layout.

I’ve attended seminars for Business Development and one entitled “Compassionate Capitalism”. I have read leadership books such as “The Magic of Thinking Big”, “How to win friends and influence people”, “Success the Glenn Bland Method”, “Personal Power”, “Awaken the Giant Within”, and “Skill with People”, just to name a few.