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Work experience




I would unload the truck an move the supplies down the line and also I would have to stack the supplies on the correct pallet. Then I would take the pallets to the correct aisle and stack each item on the shevles. At the end of my shift I was responsible for cleaning my work station and making sure each aisle was clear and organized


Assembly line


My job duties was first in line I would have to make enough steel cones at the same time making sure and expecting the car mufflers was welded correctly expecting for any holes, cuts,unfinished welding. I would have to put the mufflers into the welding machine while keeping a steady pace to keep the line moving. If the supplies was coming in slow or late I would have to go down the line and put together the shield for the muffler


X1 customer representative


My job duties is to answerBy phone calls and assisting the customer with cable,internet, or telephone service. I would troubleshoot the equipment to get it resoleved. My main dutie was to make sure to listen be very detailed oriented so send the right signal to get the customer issue resolved.



High School Graduate

Roosevelt high school


Brice Lambert

I'm very dependable, detail orientet, fast learner, enjoy learning new work skills, and I'm very ambitious