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“Calm under fire, organised and strategic. Brian is great at taking a step back from operational issues, identifying the real issue and attacking it's causes. This is vital in a Service Delivery role as well as many others, and he was very effective at it. He was a role model to me in terms of management thinking and is a real leader and motivator of people.”  Service Delivery Manager, Hewlett-Packard

“Brian is thoughtful and diligent in whatever he does and is committed to getting the job done on time in full. He has operated as an excellent project manager” UK Quality Director, Piramal Healthcare

“Brian is a very comitted, methodical, task orientated worker. He sets high standards for himself and others and always works hard to achieve the goals and deadlines he has set. He likes to challenge the status quo and push the boundaries in order to achieve the desired results. He is a motivational people manager who inspires others to do well while also keeping an eye on their personal welfare. He is pleasant, likeable and easy to get along with.” Validation Manager , NPIL Pharmaceuticals

“Brian was an excellent manager. He had a wealth of knowledge about validation and shared that with those who worked for him. However, he also encouraged input from all team members when new projects were undertaken, listening to other ideas and taking the time to explain why something would or would not work. He was a great motivator and actively sought to move people on in their careers. Brian enjoyed the prospect of a problem to be solved, always looking for new and better ways to approach things and he encouraged team members to do the same.”  Quality Officer, NPIL Pharmaceuticals

“Brian was a great manager to work for. He was a strong leader, challenge orientated, hard working and motivational. As a manager he always supported individuals during times of change whether they agreed or disagreed with the changes being put in place. He was a good listener and went out of his way to help with personal development of his staff whether that be to develop skills in their current role or to further their future development.” Validation Specialist , NPIL Pharmaceuticals

“During my time working with him, Brian showed exceptional motivational characteristics. He encouraged empowerment of work colleagues while using his expertise, knowledge and experience when a situation required it. A professional approach was used in his role at all times resulting in outstanding management characteristics. I would not hesitate working with Brian in the future.” 

Validation Specialist, NPIL Pharmaceuticals

“Brian was instrumental in getting me settled into my role at MiServices. He was always very generous with his time, a great listener with an extensive technical knowledge. While he doesn't suffer fools gladly, he has a gift to cut straight through large amounts of information to identify the key issues and offer solutions to them. He was more than happy to work as part of a team or alone and never gave less than 100%; combined with his calm outlook, he is an inspiration to others.”

Senior Consultant , MiServices


I have 14 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and IT Services Industries where I have had a variety of different roles. I am often described as 'a person who gets things done'. I am particularly good at using my technical and operational knowledge to identify key issues and determine solutions to resolve these. I am looking for the right opportunity within an organisation where my trouble-shooting, change management and leadership skills would be of value.

Key Capabilities


  • Setting team direction and energising team members to ensure the department will meet strategic objectives.
  • Creating team climates ripe for controlled creative conflict by recognising and championing differences between team members.
  • Fostering 'safe' and inclusive team environments where potential issues are discussed openly and freely as soon as they arise.
  • Recognising the value of praising and rewarding team members for good work.
  • Recruiting staff based on potential and talent rather than purely on experience.

Change Management

  • Recognised by senior management as being adept at quickly determining the key issues facing organisations and how to resolve them.
  • Applying questioning and challenging outlook to fully understand how things work to help determine improvements and drive change.
  • Contributing to the evaluation and development of IT and operational strategy and performance in co-operation with the executive team.
  • Ensuring that activities meet with and integrate with organisational requirements for quality management, health and safety, legal stipulations, environmental policies and general duty of care.

IT & Operations Management

  • Planning, developing and implementing strategy for organisational operational management and development to meet agreed performance plans within agreed budgets and timescales.
  • Overseeing Quality assurance and control ... Information handling and processing ... Regulatory Compliance for laboratory and business systems ... Data and information security ... and Disaster recovery and risk planning.
  • Championing continuous improvement in technology and business processes to deliver excellence in customer service and operations.
  • Maintaining appropriate systems to measure the necessary aspects of operational management and IT development.
  • Managing and controlling departmental expenditure within agreed budgets to achieve agreed KPIs and investment return.


  • Reporting on operational issues, opportunities, development plans and achievements within agreed formats and timescales.
  • Liaising with other managers and directors to understand all IT and operational development aspects and to ensure they are fully informed of objectives, purposes and achievements.
  • Maintaining awareness and knowledge of contemporary IT and operational development theory and methods and providing suitable interpretations to directors, managers and staff.
  • Working closely with the Plant Lead and Site Executive Board on projects in line with evolving needs within the business.


  • Member, Chartered Institute of Management, 2007 – 2008
  • Member, Association of MBA's, 2007 - 2008
  • ITIL Foundation in Service Management, 2007

Work experience


Service Management Consultant

Hewlett Packard

A global technology solutions provider to consumers, businesses and institutions which offers IT infrastructure, personal computing and access devices, global services and also imaging and printing. Responsibilities include working with clients to translate business requirements into technical solutions. Working with both internal and external stakeholders to identify and resolve business issues.

Major Achievements:

  • Identified improvements to management reporting for a large multinational account by identifying stakeholders and their requirements and ensuring these were satisfied in the new management reports
  • Identified improvements to the change management process for a large multinational account by establishing key measures, identifying and removing bottlenecks and establishing a framework to manage and maintain the process going forward which resulted in 'unlocking' an extra €4.8million p.a. of extra revenue.
  • Facilitated talent management and succession planning by developing and launching a set of 'people processes' for all GDAS division UK employees in 2008 as part of a wider employee development project led by a subset of the UK Leadership Team.
  • Broadened management's view of risk by suggesting enhancements to the risk measurement process and then identifying, qualifying and mitigating risks as part of the site's ISO20000 certification program.
  • Improved the 'Total Customer Experience' by completing a strategic review of the Service Delivery function and recommending action items to senior management, such as improving Service Level Agreement metric calculations, and also establishing a 'priorities' framework and 'customer feedback / complaints' system for customer escalations.
  • Led several multinational, cross-functional Service Delivery teams that successfully avoided service degradation for the customer during the organisation's largest single SAP upgrade.

Senior Consultant

IDEC Validation

A Quality and Compliance services provider to the Pharmaceutical industry. Reporting to the Chief Executive / Owner. Responsibilities included primarily providing consultancy support in the quality and IT fields to pharmaceutical clients.Major Achievements:

  • Led the QA and validation efforts for a GBP5m Corporate ERP project implementation which was completed on time and within budget.
  • Facilitated a smooth roll out across other plants by resolving a 'not-invented-here' attitude from some of the corporate and external site teams and persuading them to accept new practises and processes.
  • Saved unnecessary costs by re-designing and implementing the IT compliance program to incorporate industry best practices and to continue using existing kit whilst remaining in full compliance.

Validation Manager

Pfizer / NPIL Pharmaceuticals

2005 – 2007    Validation Manager, Pfizer / NPIL Pharmaceuticals, NorthumberlandThe world's largest research-based biomedical and pharmaceutical company with approximately 85,000 employees in more than 150 countries. Reported to the Quality Director and managed seven members of staff. Responsibilities included turning around a department that was failing to meet its objectives after being offered a permanent role within the Senior Management Team. Acted as a change agent to drive through improvement projects by presenting to and influencing the Site Executive Management team.

Major Achievements:

  • Cut resource costs by completing an estimated 12 year programme of work inside 18 months by completely revising the sites validation approach and selling this to Corporate and Regulatory groups.
  • Reduced annual operating costs by GBP400k by identifying issues and improving departmental staffing model whilst enabling the department to build in-house capability.
  • Introduced and facilitated creative problem solving team sessions to develop enhancements, improvements and radical shifts in policy regarding business processes.
  • Created a strategic plan with recommendations for improving work processes in line with business objectives after completing a full review of the validation department.
  • Identified by the Pfizer Site Executive Management Team and communicated to the NPIL Pharmaceuticals Organisations Board as being a 'person of high-potential'.
  • Minimised knowledge loss as personnel left the company and promoted process innovation and continuous improvement by negotiating the proposed introduction of a new knowledge management style with the Executive Management Team which included document type expansion, rework and restructuring within the existing Site Quality Management System.
  • Reduced unnecessary costs and bureaucracy whilst still remaining within compliance with Regulatory expectations after leading a site-wide project to re-design the Site Quality Management System and its 2600 procedures on site.


Mi-Services Group

An independent consulting organisation providing quality, compliance and IT systems implementation services to blue chip companies. Reported to the Director of Life Sciences. Responsibilities included guiding different project teams through the full software system life cycle for pharmaceutical clients. Identified client requirements on site and developed plans to address them.

Major Achievements:

  • Completed on time and within budget, the validation lifecycle and the training of specialised IT people, for a very large multinational SAP implementation involving multiple sites across Europe and the US.
  • Troubleshooted issues and developed remediation plans on projects including one contract which required renegotiation with the client, the establishment of a formal project plan with agreed milestones and checkpoints, and a re-education for the existing consultant, sales and customer teams.

IT Specialist

Merck, Sharp and Dohme

The UK subsidiary of Merck & Co, Inc, a leading research-based pharmaceutical company that discovers, develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of innovative pharmaceutical products. Reported to the IS Director. Responsibilities included managing the integration of mandatory corporate validation initiatives into the site IT compliance programme. Acted as a point of contact for both corporate and other European site representatives to answer questions and provide advice on validation issues. Also provided technical system and database administration support for laboratory and work-scheduling systems.

Major Achievements:

  • Selected to be the QA lead on a site IT project and subsequently offered an IT specialist role within the IT department after building up own visibility and bridges between different groups.
  • Identified by the Site Executive Management Team as 'senior management potential' and asked to lead a site strategic project with an Executive Director as a Mentor.
  • Helped align the site's business processes with those of the parent company and government regulations by developing an extensive network of Merck colleagues across Europe and the US.
  • Streamlined business processes and information flow through the labs by leading validation efforts during the implementation of a new site laboratory information management system used by as many as 150 people.

Senior Laboratory Analyst

GD Searle and Co

Reported to the Reference Standards Lab Manager. Responsibilities included ensuring that the program of certification work for laboratory standards was completed on time so that the standards could be dispensed and used by sites without disrupting any production schedules. Also developed new analytical methods to improve certification method processing time and robustness.

Major Achievements:

  • Selected to represent own lab team in a site HR program to review and reclassify all jobs and job grades whilst ensuring that the views of laboratory staff were accurately represented.
  • Generated new business by working directly with R&D scientists to develop and validate analytical methods to identify and test novel compounds.
  • Selected as Site Liaison to work with Senior Corporate Quality Management to analyse and report upon processes for transferring and handling a new class of compounds.



MBA Business Administration

The Open University

MSc Computing

University of Northumbria in Newcastle

BSc (Hons) Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences

University of Sunderland