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Currently self employed Business Consultant, looking to help the Invoice discounting and Factoring /ABL Sector in particular and small businesses in general including Sports club administration. I am used to dealing with companies whether successful with growing pains or in distress, and finding solutions.

I have particular expertise in the area of start-ups in the ABL sector.

Fellow of the Institute of Credit Management. I have done many successful fundraisings in the past , including a Float on AIM(Ultimate finance) and Venture capital , plus several tranches of Bank debt from a range of Banks , - a total of some £70m .

I have founded and successfully sold two businesses in the ABL Sector. (L)TSBCF and Five Arrows Commercial Finance Ltd (Rothschilds).

I have spent most of my working life in the Asset based lending (ABL, Factoring and Receivables Financing) market, eventually taking my first Managing Director position in 1983 at which point I founded the first of three new start businesses in the sector.

I am a particular expert in all aspects of Strategy, Risk and Operations Management, Credit Management and Sales and Marketing in Confidential Invoice Discounting/Receivables Financing/Factoring/ABL.

Additionally, I have had a good deal of experience of all aspects of company management - Managing and growing start up businesses, Man Management, Product development, Turnarounds/Recovery, Management of Change, and Profit Centre Management . I specialise in the SME company sector. As a result, I possess an in-depth understanding of Business Management issues and techniques.

I was a Co- Founder of the Asset Based Finance Association ("ABFA") have twice Chaired the Associations Education Committee and developed their first Day Course programme. . I have lectured on various aspects of ABL, and SME management and financing.

In the late seventies/ early 80s I was a Director of Alex Lawrie(Sub of Lloyds TSB ). Subsequently, I was a Managing Director for the last 25 years -Ten of which were within US Bank (Bank of Boston)or UK high street Bank Financial Services subsidiaries(Lloyds/TSB).-during which time I have funded as well as advised many SME" s on Corporate and Financial strategy, Recovery /Turnaround and Credit Management.

Two of the Companies I have founded were bought out by well-known Banks-TSB and N M Rothschild and Sons Ltd respectively. In each case I stayed on working within those Groups as subsidiary Managing Director for a number of years before moving on. These companies are now known as Lloyds/TSB Commercial Finance Ltd and Five Arrows Commercial Finance Ltd,(now part of GE )and I know them to be highly respected Companies in the sector.

I am well known and have many contacts in the ABL sector, as well as a good number of "City" contacts including Banks, Accountants, Lawyers , Stockbrokers , Corporate Financiers and Venture Capitalists in Manchester and London in particular. I have previously held a number of Non Executive Directorships including that of Chairman of a firm of Accountants in the North("Champions" ) and an Invoice Discounting business. I also took on the Chairmanship of a Rugby club in distress and brought it back to health and would be interested in any sports club administration positions.


Executive Development Programme - EDP

City of London School, Manchester Business School

Full Resume


Looking for Managing Director or Operations/Risk Director positions in the Invoice Discounting and Factoring /Asset Based Lending sector (and related services) ,or Trouble Shooting/Turnaround Roles . Consultancies including Management mentoring, Strategic direction, sales and marketing , fundraising , Non executive Directorships, projects, re-structurings or Interim Mngt assignments in the SME, ABL(Invoice Discounting, Factoring, all asset finance) and Finance sectors.


Rugby, Golf , Tennis , Theatre and amateur dramatics