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Work experience


Senior Product Manager

National Geographic Learning
Manage the product marketing for K-12 ELL, English/Language Arts, and Reading core and supplemental product lines. (Average yearly revenue: $60 M). ·Developed and implemented marketing initiatives to enter K-5 basal reading market and supplemental    reading markets including public  relations launch, e-marketing and print initiatives, efficacy study,    and state adoptions. ·Managed initiative to develop first virtual tour within company in an effort to reduce sampling costs. ·Leading cross development team creating National Geographic Learning’s first app and eBook. Responsible    for identifying and implementing appropriate marketing for this delivery including social media, tech blogs, and    app store optimization. · Manage company presence at conferences including IRA, NCTE, TESOL, NABE, Title I, and AMLE.

Senior Marketing Manager (School Education Group)

The McGraw-Hill Companies

Promoted to manage the national marketing for K-12 Health Education, K-12 Fine Arts, Adult Basic Education, and 6-12 Remedial Reading educational programs (Average yearly revenue: $50 M).

  • Served as Lean Six Sigma Business Process Management Lead on Product Competitive Analysis managing a cross functional team including marketing, editorial, technology, sales, market research, and finance.
  • Marketing subject matter expert on Editorial Design Production (EDP) processes committee tasked with creating common business procedures across all segments of McGraw-Hill School Education Group.
  • Manage an operational budget of approximately $350k.
  • Established virtual conference on 21st Century Workforce that drew 600 leads, and created first virtual sales rep at McGraw-Hill.

Marketing Manager (School Solutions Group) Woodland Hills, CA                                                        2006-2009

Promoted to manage national marketing for K-12 Health Education and 6-12 Fine Arts educational programs (Average yearly revenue: $30 M).

  • Led initiative to create first virtual sample package in the company which resulted in a cost savings of $370,000 and increased sales by 10 percent (
  • Analyzed market trends, led market research, participated in product development, and oversaw creation of promotional pieces for product line.
  • Developed and implemented product line marketing plans, and prepared and managed operational budget. (Approximately $350,000 per year)
  • Managed company presence at industry specific conferences/tradeshows including booth space, sponsored functions, events, and advertising.
  • Corporate Achievement Award, 2009 for participation in revision of flagship high school health program Glencoe Health that generated $8M (average yearly revenue), and was the #1 program in the country with 45% market share..

Product Manager, Woodland Hills, CA                                                                                                          2004-2006

  • Created competitive packages for national and state specific Grade 6-12 health and fine arts education products.
  • Maintained close contact with sales force providing product information and assisting with sales opportunities.
  • Provided inventory forecasts for product lines including salable, sample, and free with order items; worked with inventory and manufacturing to insure that products arrived in a timely manner.
  • Collaborated with sales and contract departments to prepare state bids, analyzed free with order and samples, attended state hearings, and ensured product availability for state adoption hearings.
  • Priced all components in product lines.
  • Produced advertising and promotional pieces including brochures, catalogs, and PowerPoint product overviews.

Editor                                                                                                                                                                    2001-2004

Associate Editor (2001-2002)

Editorial Assistant (2001)

  • Managed editorial development of Grades 6-14 education products, including: Health, Fitness, and Fine Arts Web sites (budget: $270,000); Business Communication Textbooks (budget: $554,000); and Driver Education textbook (budget: $875,000)
  • Created business plans and conducted market research for assigned projects.
  • Planned and oversaw budgets and schedules, ensuring all projects came within approved budget and all deadlines were met on time.
  • Hired and managed team of authors and freelance contributors.

Academic Affiliations

Technical Competencies

Marketing Portfolio

Working The Trade Shows

Corporate Award

Professional Affiliations

Professional Development

  • Online Marketing Institute SEO Certificate (2011)
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training (2010)
  • Fisher College School of Business (Ohio State) Seven Mantras to Brand Management (2010)
  • Huthwaite SPIN Consultative Selling (2009)
  • McGraw-Hill Leadership Training: Managing Difficult Conversations (20008)


Senior Product Manager

- Expert in developing new products that boost revenues and increase market share -

Marketing professional recognized for revenue growth, profit enhancement, and successful product-line management for over 10 years in progressively challenging educational publishing marketing management roles. Strong foundation in market research and technology paired with creativity and the evolution of concepts into achievable business strategies.

Professional Strengths

Strategic Marketing Planning ...Campaign Strategy & Execution...Budgets & Schedules

Lean Six Sigma Business Process...Executive-Level Presentations...National Marketing Programs

Trade-Show Marketing...New Product Launches

Relevant Experience

Product Innovation

  • Determine new markets to enter in cost effective and non-tradition ways. Currently working on entry in the core reading market. Previous experience includes fully digital Fine Arts program and fully digital workforce program.
  • Led development of Health, Fine Arts, and Business Communication products.
  • Created the first e-sample package in the industry resulting in sales increase to $14.9M, and sampling decreasing of 60 percent to $240K.

Demand Creation

  • Developed and marketed a new Adult Basic Education product designed for reentering the workforce. Introduced in 2010, the product generated $250K within 60 days.
  • Led initiative to create first virtual sample package in the company which resulted in a cost savings of $370,000 and increased sales by 10 percent ( Currently introducing virtual sample package to National Geographic School Publishing.
  • Craft sales presentations for each product.


  • Oversaw the creation of promotional pieces for product line.
  • Managed PR activities related to product line.

Brand & Packaging Communication

  • Created competitive packages for national and state specific Grade 6-12 health and fine arts education products.
  • Reshaped McGraw-Hill's branding of the high school health market emphasizing breadth of offerings, fitness, and technology. This helped increase market share in spite of new competitive entries into the marketplace