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Brian Nicolich

Multi-Field Professional

Multi-Field Technical Professional could potentially not tell the complete truth. I am also a multi-role professional in which I leverage my skills, knowledge, and experience to fill several different types of duties. For some years now I have played the part of technical adviser, customer support specialist, public relations, and a few other roles. I have a very interesting history and will be a beneficial addition.

Work experience


Company Representative

Zodiac Inflight Innovations

I interface between the customer support group in Brea, CA and the largest airline in Europe. I work directly with aircraft, support and management personnel to accomplish goals. The immediate goals often vary depending on what is the current "hot topic". But the goals all lead to the mission of providing the best customer and passenger experience. (Customer being the airline and passenger being the passengers.) My role is an unusual mixture between mechanical and electrical engineering, IT support, customer support, and aviation maintenance, with a bit of public relations mixed in. I must investigate on-wing issues with RAVE hardware and software, and work with company specialists to find ideal solutions. I coordinate and execute training for the airline personnel. During issue investigations, I must use experience and knowledge to make a diagnoses, create a potential solution, and ensure solution conforms to safety and regulatory requirements. I also do many other things but this description is getting a bit too long.


Maintenance Service Representative

Panasonic Avionics Corporation

This was a customer service position on many different airline's aircraft. I was a system specialist for Panasonic which serviced and maintained the advanced (and not so advanced) entertainment and communication systems for the passengers. I was qualified on Airbus A380, A340, A330, Boeing B777, B747 aircraft. It was a nice departure from my typical days of turning wrenches as a full aircraft technician since I pushed into the IT realm much more. This postion still relies heavily on following regulatory requirements for EASA, FAA, and the CAA for which I held sign-off authorizations. This position was held at the Frankfurt Airport in Germany. 


Aircraft Technician and Inspector

Heli Trans Air, GmbH & Heli-Flight, GmbH

I started working at these two companies shortly after moving to Germany. For most of the duration, I alternated between the two since they partnered together for many cost-saving benefits. By the end of the duration I was almost working entirely at Heli-Flight before moving on to Panasonic.


TPS Quality Assurance Inspector & Aircraft Technician

Lockheed Martin MAF, PHI, Inc., L-3 Vertex Aerospace

I worked at these companies after leaving the Marine Corps. Both were unique in their own way but I really found working at the Michoud Assembly Facility intriguing. My stint there was short but it was an eye opener nevertheless. And my departure was unfortunate but completely voluntary due to a very unimpressive union renegotiation. L-3 was my final place before moving to Germany..


F/A-18 Powerplant Tech, QA inspctor, Supervisor

United States Marine Corps

Performed all aspects on powerplant & fuel system maintenance. I was an airframe inspector, and department QA inspector. There were many other qualifications which I held such as aircraft movement director and licences for a host of support equipment. I was also the shop supervisor towards the end of my tenure.



Bachelor of Arts: Business Management

Florida Institute of Technology

One of two degrees which I have worked for.


Bachelor of Science: Computer Information Systems

Florida Institute of Technology

After five long years I finished with a bachelor degree in two separate fields, Business Management and also Computer Information Systems. If you notice the gap in my employment, it is because I took a short sabbatical in order to concentrate on my studies. In was an intense time since I did manage to squeeze six years into only five.



Airframe & Powerplant License

Federal Aviation Administration

This is an unlimited License which grants me authority to maintain aircraft in accordance with the seemingly endless FAR's.


Cost analysis, people management, Analytical analysis of situations. A friendly shoulder to lean on. Public relations, Client Success. Analysis and troubleshooting, multiple software programs and suites. Embedded systems integration, prototyping, electronics and electrical theory and usage.  Mechanical skills include internal combustion motors, Brayton-cycle (turbine) motors, hydraulics, with advanced comprehension and troubleshooting abilities. I have used or know how to use many different mechanical and electronic measuring devices for everything from weight, temperature, to length. Experience in QC on manned space flight systems. Many more skills useful for this position also...