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Design, Innovative technology, business strategy, Human-computer interaction, music, art, driving and cars


Fluent in technology and business, information technology professional Brian Kelley has been changing the way companies interface with their clients for almost a decade. Beginning with his role as a Demo Systems Developer for the TruExchange, Brian Kelley demonstrated his comfort level with developing dynamic online projects that were compatible with an organization’s long-term technology goals. In his subsequent position as a Client Implementation Manager and User Interface Developer for TruExchange, Brian Kelley became fully versed in multi-attribute, bid-ask trading, auction engines, and online complex financial models. Brian Kelley went on to become Chief Technology Officer for The Ticket Reserve, where he displayed not only technical aptitude, but business vision as well, designing a customized software package that integrated online bid/ask architecture. Mr. Kelley worked with second-generation Java, Oracle and Linux-based bid/ask trading platform for The Ticket Reserve, coordinating IT, business and strategic development with the firm’s senior management.Brian Kelley is today the Chief Technology Officer of Redwood City, California-based ReputationDefender. Brian Kelley is very aware of the technical challenges associated with information technology and online privacy/reputation management; he helped co-found ReputationDefender in 2006, and in the three years since he has developed a unique user interface for ReputationDefender’s web site and internal technology while managing a team of professionals that oversee software development and mainframe architecture. Brian Kelley’s experience in leading multi-tasked teams has allowed him to focus on coding all backend system interfaces for ReputationDefender, which has led to an increase in efficiency across all sections of the company.Brian Kelley attended Skidmore College as an undergraduate, earning Bachelor degrees in Music and Computer Science. While computer science has offered a rewarding career to Mr. Kelley, music is still integral to his life. Brian has played guitar for 20 years, and while at Skidmore College he received his music degree with a specialty in Jazz Guitar. Brian also plays the piano and banjo, and he is a part of Rock for Kids, a Chicago-based organization that provides underserved children and teens with access to music education.

Work experience

Jun 2006Present

Chief Technology Officer & Founder

Founder & Chief Technology Officer of, the leading online reputation management firm. Co-founded the company in 2006 with long-time business associate, Michael Fertik. Oversee the technology team and all levels of technology within the company - technology strategy, software development, system infrastructure.

VP Information Technology

The Academic Approach
VP Information Technology at a boutique academic tutoring and test prep company. The Academic Approach focuses on superior pedagogy and customer service. Currently developing a full suite of online educational courses.

Chief Technology Officer

Promoted to Chief Technology Officer to lead the development of second-generation Java, Oracle and Linux-based bid/ask trading platform for an online futures exchange. Coordinated IT, business and strategic development with senior management. Reviewed timelines, architecture and goals with senior IT members. Allocated funding from budget for technology team projects.

UI Developer/Client Implementation Manager

Promoted to design customized software according to client needs by innovative 40-employee software company possessing flexible online bid/ask trading platform ranging from bandwidth trading to fiber exchanges. Developed unique user interfaces for each client supporting brands and various systems. Acted as liaison between engineering team and customers. Coded all interfaces that interacted with back end systems.




Skidmore College