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Work experience

Jul 2010Present

Cross-Utilized Agent

SkyWest Airlines

Assist passengers and crew flying to and from Eau Claire, WI on United Express flights

Ramp duties, such as baggage handling and deicing

Complete flight-related paperwork

Ensured compliance with FAA and DOT regulations

Sep 2011Dec 2011

Intern: Quality Assurance

JAMF Software

Create and run test cases

Create defect reports

May 2011Aug 2011

Intern: Special Projects

JAMF Software

Co-create Linux installer for JAMF Software Server (JSS): software used to manage Macintosh computers

Learn workings of Symantec Management Console (Altiris) and its API to help create JSS Conduit plug-in (transfers inventory from JSS to Altiris)

Re-write JSS Conduit to be more modular for future plug-ins


While my experience with C# is admittedly limited at this time, I understand it enough to realize the many similarities shared with Java.  Editing small portions of an existing project would be fairly simple, as would be learning more of the language as I am in my spare time.
Learning about Geographic Information Systems (GIS) was a refreshing change of pace from the constant walls of code in different projects, not that that can't be enjoyable to work with as well.  However, the more visual approach to working with GIS with models and maps inspired me to take a second major in Geography, taking GIS-related classes whenever possible.  This also mixed very well with my computer science background, as ArcGIS has capabilities to work with Python to create various scripts and models, which greatly increases the power of the platform.
Able to write basic Python scripts to improve flexibility in an ArcGIS environment, or simple exercises in other situations.
Learned with PHP, able to do basic queries, joins, etc.  Again, if I am unsure of how to perform a more advanced task in MySQL, odds are I can find out how.
Similar to Java, I am able to work on a project in PHP in an appropriate situation.  PHP was also my first programming language, having learned it from a book before having any actual programming courses.
For most cases in which Java would be a reasonable language to use, I can generally either write a program, or research what is necessary to do so.  Also have basic GUI capabilities.
While not at the native-speaker level, I am able to communicate reasonably well in day-to-day conversations, often impressing native speakers in the process.  Spent one semester in Seville, Spain speaking Spanish almost exclusively when with locals.

Geography Capstone Study

Evacuation in Eau Claire County



Travel, computers, bocce ball, kayaking, vinyl records, food/cooking, aviation, cartography


Recent university graduate seeking a full-time computer programming position in the airline industry, or contract work in other sectors.  Also interested in work with Geographic Information Systems.