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Work experience

Sep 2011Present

VP Product Development

Fero Software, Inc.

Professional Contact:                        Phone:                                    email:

Kyle Restoule, President                  920-243-3518          [email protected]

My primary responsibilities include:

  • Hiring, training & management of development team
  • Development of strategic partnerships and integrating new technologies
  • Direct customer interaction, customer support and software demonstration
  • IP recruiting, support, training and demonstration
  • Business-wide internal systems development
Jan 2009Present


Hodgsoft, Inc.

Professional Contact:                        Phone:                                    email:

Ted Mueller, Operations Manager  608-515-7285          [email protected]

My primary responsibilities include:

  • Financial and accounting management: P&L, cash flow, projections
  • HR, staff management, recruiting, training & hiring
  • Supporting my operations manager when needed
Jan 2004Dec 2008


Affordable Computer Help

This company is no longer in operation.

My primary responsibilities include:

  • Financial and accounting management: P&L, cash flow, projections
  • HR, staff management, recruiting, training & hiring
  • Product development, QA
  • Procurement & purchasing
  • Customer service, support systems development
  • Over-all business systems development and operation



Other Skills
General Work Skills Written/Verbal Communication (Expert), Systems Development (Expert), Business Analysis (Advanced)   Hospitality Customer Service (Expert), Serving/Bartending (Advanced), Management (Expert)   Technology PC Repair/Maintenance (Expert), Technology Integration (Expert), Programming (Expert)   Music Piano (Advanced), Vocal (Intermediate), Composition (Advanced)
Preparation, sanitation, line flow, line operation, expediting, menu development
Systems Development
Financial Systems Accounting, Hourly Billing, AR/AP   Management Systems HR, Productivity, Accountability, QA   Information Systems Waste/Loss, Day-Part Revenue, Labor Efficiency, COGS   Restaurant Systems Service Standards, Delivery, Quality Control, Throughput   Software Systems POS, Accounting, Productivity, Billing, Event Management
Software Development
Languages Microsoft .NET (VB, C#, ASP) (Expert), C++, PHP, HTML 4/5, Java, iOS, SQL   Tools Visual Studio 2010, Dotfuscator, Jetbrains DotTrace   Architectures MVP, MVC, Mobile App, Hosted (Web & Replication), Client/Server, many more
Software Tools
POS Systems Serving Success (Expert), Positouch (Advanced), Aloha (Proficient), Micros (Proficient), Maitre'D, Dinerware, Digital Dining, Squirrel, many others   Microsoft Office Excel (Expert), Word (Expert), Access (Expert), Outlook (Expert), Project (Advanced), Frontpage/Expression (Advanced), Publisher (Advanced), Sharepoint (Advanced)   Graphic Editing Photoshop (Proficient), Gimp (Proficient), Illustrator (Proficient)   OS Windows OS (XP, Vista, 7,8) (Expert), Windows Server 2008 (Advanced), Linux (debian, redhat, many others) (Advanced), iOS (Advanced)


Career Summary

Restaurant Food Service & Production

I began cooking when I was 14 at a local bar, progressing into fine dining and banquet positions until I was 20.  I worked full time in kitchens from 16 to 19, then gained experience in FoH and banquet serving until I was 21.

Business Operation & Management

My primary career focus since I was 21 has been to gain experience in all areas of business management.  I began by starting a computer repair and sales storefront in 2004.  I operated this business until 2008, primarily focusing on learning business finances, systems development, product development, marketing & advertising, personnel management, and operations management.

I worked through 2008 transitioning my first company into new ownership while developing software and systems for the business which I currently operate.

In 2009 I started Hodgsoft to leverage the Point-of-Sale system, Serving Success that I began developing in 2005.  In the 2 and a half years since I started Hodgsoft we have implemented over 200 systems in 3 states and developed the system to be highly reliable and scalable to several vertical markets.

In 2011 Hodgsoft sold Serving Success to Fero Software where I maintain part ownership and lead the Serving Success product development team.

Food & Beverage Systems

In addition to software and business development I have completed hundreds of hours consulting new and existing hospitality owners in developing effective management and operational systems for their establishments.  I have hired GM's, developed systems for effective service, and fine-tuned order entry and information systems.

My primary career goal is to develop and perfect systems to manage all areas of hospitality businesses' operations and management, and to then apply these systems to many establishments.


I am very interested in music.  I enjoy composition and piano in particular.

I am very interested in restaurant operation and management.


I am a highly creative and goal-oriented person.  I desire to apply my talent and knowledge towards building and managing systems.  Throughout my career I have developed and implemented progressively more complicated, effective and complete systems around every aspect of business.  In particular, restaurant food and beverage systems interest me the most. I have a deep and abiding interest in the hospitality industry.