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  • A proven leader who builds cohesive organizations by engaging communities in implementing shared visions of effective teaching and learning.
  • A leader whose diverse experiences as a superintendent, principal, program director, teacher and presenter is prepared to lead a learning community towards a shared vision.
  • A leader focused on all employees growth through developing collaborative relationships, high expectations and mutual accountability.
  • An effective communicator, with the ability to work with key community leaders and collaborate with education stakeholders for the benefit of all.

Work experience



Universal American School

The Universal American School-Kuwait is a non-profit, private co-educational, college-preparatory school serving an international student body of approximately 1850 students ages 3 to 18. We are accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). UAS offers a full American academic program based on the AERO standards while maintaining Arabic language and Islamic religion classes for our Islamic families. As an international school we also prepare our high schools students with a variety of Advanced Placement (College Board) courses as well as a number of languages such as French and Spanish. Our instruction in the core program and electives programs is 100% in English. The school employs approximately 350 staff.
All UAS faculty are highly qualified, and many have served at our schools for a number of years. Over 80% of our faculty members have earned advanced degrees in their curriculum area; in addition to the required teaching certification. Our teaching staff is as diverse as our student body, with native English speaking, degree attainment and previous overseas experience as our primary qualifications. We proudly employ teachers from North America, Europe, South Africa, Egypt, Lebanon and even Jamaica.
UAS also utilizes a highly selective student admissions procedure based on interviews and required entrance examinations at all levels. To receive the UAS diploma, students complete 28 credits in English, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Social Science, World Languages, Islamic religion (Muslims only), Computer Technology, Physical Education and electives. The College Board’s Advanced Placement Program is an integral component of the high school program. Twelve AP courses are currently offered at UAS. Counseling services are provided and include preparation for the TOEFL, PSAT, SAT, PLAN, ACT and school-wide achievement tests. College admissions are served by the College Board’s Ex-Pan services.

Jul 2015Nov 2015

Superintendent / Special Education Director

Reedsport School District #105

I was hired as the part-time superintendent/special education director (.80FTE) to oversee a district that was struggling in a variety of areas. From fraud in its business department to under-performing schools. Unfortunately the school board could not develop effective goals for our work and was expecting full-time commitment but only willing to pay for 80% of the position. I resigned when we could not come to agreement on work hours, goals for the position and the definition f Ethical leadership.

  • Carried out an analysis of the Central Office support services structure working with two board members. We worked with staff to identify personnel strengths, training. requirements, and formulated a cost reduction program that increased service provision by 20 hours per week.
  • As Special Education Director I supported three teachers in the implementing new IEP forms and the implementation of new service standards for a Middle Learning Center to complement our Life Skills and Resource Center programs.
  • As Special Education Director I supported a new administrator of a Focus School in the proper allocation of SPED personnel and implementation of Oregon’s Response to Instruction and Intervention (ORTIi) protocols.
Aug 2013Jul 2015

Associate Director -- Curriculum / Instruction / Human Resources

Jinan Foreign Language School -- International Centre
  • Developed an English Language Arts framework for classroom instruction in grades 10-12 based on the Common Core State Standards (USA) and Common European Framework.
  • Trained staff in bi-lingual lesson development and instructional practices (SIOP Model). Including curriculum materials and evaluation tools.
  • Development, implementation and oversight of a formative / summative assessment structures to ensure students are meeting standards approximating equivalency with USA, Canadian, Australian, and United Kingdom schools.
  • Trained 13 novice and a two-experienced teachers in classroom management, instructional planning and student assessment strategies. This included the evaluation of 38 teachers.
  • Developed a high school transcript protocol that supports student application and placement in well-established western universities.
  • Developed recruitment, hiring, and retention processes to ensure a highly qualified professional staff at the JNFLS International Center.
Jul 2012Jun 2013

Superintendent / Elementary Principal

Santiam Canyon School District
  • Served as business manager in the evaluation, recommendation and implementation of budgets cuts for a budget deficit of $570,000. Working with the Linn-Benton ESD to make specific cuts and build a SY 2013-14 budget that reduced the deficit by 80%.
  • Worked closely with the Board and district legal council to clear three pending lawsuits brought against district by released personnel.
  • Directed the leadership group (administrators, program coordinators, and teachers/ association officers) that developed the SB290 teacher improvement / evaluation process.
  • Negotiated a new contract with the licensed-classified bargaining unit that reduce the deficit budget and supported more sustainable economic commitment from employees.
Jul 2009Jun 2012

Superintendent / K-12 Principal

Jewell School District #8

2009 – 2012    , 83874 Highway 103, Seaside, OR 97138

I served as Superintendent/Principal, Human Resources Director, Federal Programs Director and Special Education Director for Jewell. I joined Jewell as the seventh superintendent in 26-months. I was asked to build a strong academic program for a rural K-12. We accomplished some wonderful things is a very challenging work environment.


  • Guided the district through a mission / vision development process that defined the district’s guiding beliefs. The document is the foundation for decision-making in the district.
  • Reduced reserve expenditures by $680,000 dollars (60%) in the first fiscal year.
  • Worked collaboratively with the teaching staff and families to build a sustainable multi-aged classroom instruction model, saving 30% in payroll costs in two years.
  • As Special Education Director I working with our special education staff and our ESD to implement standards based goals and improve classroom access for special needs students.
  • As Federal Programs Director I worked closely with the ODE to implement a grant targeted to improve our schools technology capacity for distance learning. I also took the lead on re-established the Title-I program, saving the school $42,000 dollars.
  • I worked with school board members and the Oregon School Boards Association to develop process and procedures for improved board meeting climate, productivity, and installed a superintendent evaluation practice based on goal setting.
  • Twice we negotiated contracts with the licensed and classified employees that supported more sustainable economic commitments.


Aug 20032007

Doctorate of Education

University of Oregon

            Education Organizations Leadership and Management -- Curriculum Emphasis

            Concurrent with completing an Oregon Continuing Administrative License

Jul 1998Jun 2000

Administrative Services Credential

San Jose State University

Education Administration and Supervision Services, Professional Clear License

Sep 1996Jun 1998

Certificate of Mastery

California Leadership Academy

Graduate of 1996-1998 cohort of California School Leadership Academy,

Santa Clara County Office of Education

Apr 1995Jun 1996

Administrative Services Credential

California State University Fresno

Education Administration and Supervision Services, Preliminary License

Jan 1983Jun 1989

Masters of Education

Oregon State University

Masters of Education, Standard Oregon Teaching License – Health Education

Sep 1977Dec 1983

Bachelor of Science

Oregon State University

(2) Bachelor of Science (Health & Physical Education)

        Honors: High Scholarship, National Deans List

        Basic Oregon Teaching Licenses – Health Education and Physical Education


Vision / Mission Development

We versed in walking a school and community through the vision, mission and guiding beliefs clarification process. Once completed the resulting documents are effective tools for decision-making.

Curriculum and Instructional Leadership

I have lead a variety of schools through developing curriculum coherence by using a variety of curriculum frameworks to improve the instructional approaches of teacher. From Understand by Design, the curriculum Mapping and Revee's work on priority standards and assessment.

Budget Development

Effective at maximizing public school funding with a transparent and efficient budget development process and implementation.


I have a variety of leadership experiences that have prepared me to mentor administrators, teachers and support staff building cohesive teams in support of our community of teachers and learners.

Human Resources

I have the experience necessary to support labor contract negotiations, develop a coherent hiring practices, and planning for effective staffing decision-making.


         JNFLS IC Project Based Learning          JNFLS IC Language Arts Standards    Jewell's Mission / Vision / Guiding Beliefs