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Brian Frenzel’s career as a biomedical products executive and entrepreneur spans more than 25 years. During this period, Brian Frenzel’s endeavors have focused on developing technologies and products to improve the human condition, including those to diagnose and treat many serious, and often fatal, medical conditions. At Genelabs Technologies in the 1980’s, Brian Frenzel served on the front lines in the war on HIV/AIDS and championed projects to identify and diagnose new hepatitis viruses. At his next two companies, Adeza Biomedical and Vesta Medical, Brian Frenzel managed the development of new products for women’s healthcare, including the first medical device to treat dysfunctional uttering bleeding and the first diagnostic test to identify women in preterm labor. Concurrent with his role as President of Vesta Medical, in 1992, Brian Frenzel co-founded Centaur Pharmaceuticals, a neurodegenerative disease and aging research and development company, researching and developing products for stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and multiple sclerosis. To lever his talents and experience in biomedical product research and development, in 2000, Brian Frenzel founded the AnVent Group which provides advisory services fundraising assistance to early stage biomedical product companies, He also serves in a similar role as a member of the Band of Angels, a 125 member angel group which provides investment and mentoring support to a wider variety of startup companies, including those in software, telecom, internet, high tech and clean technology, as well as biomedical products. Brian Frenzel’s current day-to-day responsibilities include serving on the board of directors of SanBio, Inc. in Mountain View, CA and as President and CEO of Tosk, Inc., in Santa Cruz, CA. SanBio develops new cell therapies to recover function in disabled neurodegenerative disease patients, tapping into Mr. Frenzel’s extensive experience in this field. SanBio’s first product, for recovery of motor and cogitative function in patients who have suffered ischemic stroke is currently undergoing clinical studies in the United States. SanBio has other therapies under development for Parkinson’s disease, retinal disorders, multiple sclerosis and muscular dystrophy. Tosk, Inc. develops new oncology drugs, with a focus on discovering and developing drugs that block dose-limiting, potentially fatal adverse side effects of chemotherapeutic agents and radiation therapy. Tosk’s first drug for amelioration of mucositis, a painful and debilitating adverse effect of a number of cancer therapies, has recently completed the first phase of human clinical studies. It, along with related compounds and technologies, was claimed in a recently awarded U.S. patent for which Mr. Frenzel was a co-inventor.

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