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Work experience

Jun 2009Present

Senior Researcher

Universal Research Inc
May 2009Jun 2009

Intermediate Researcher

Universal Research Inc
Apr 2009May 2009

Junior Researcher

Universal Research Inc
Dec 2008Jan 2009

Contributing Writer

Bato Balani Magazine - Diwa Foundation


Jun 2004Oct 2009

B.S. Economics

University of the Philippines


Creative Writing
Creative writing in the form of English fiction. Skill has been used as the Literary Editor of UPLB Pantas, a Literary organization, for 5 years.
Technical Writing
Technical writing for business and management research. Skill has been applied mainly in current employment as well as other past academic projects and the official University Publication.  
Language Proficency
Proficient in the use of English, Filipino   Introductory Spanish
Computer Skills
  Office Applications (Open Source and Microsoft)   Skilled in the use of office applications both licensed by Microsoft and its Open Source derivatives including Open Office   Operating System Use (Mac OSX, Microsoft Windows, Linux Opperating Systems)   Operating and Manipulation of popular and developing operating systems.   Web Browsers (I.E., Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Camino)   Skilled in the use of internet as a tool for communication and information gathering and dissemination.   Statistical Software (SPSS and STATA)   Used in regression and other statistical analysis for both academic and business applications   Cloud Office Computing   Cutting edge migration of office tools to the internet. Includes use of online workspaces and telecommuting.    
Game Theory and Institutional Analysis
  Modeling methods for understanding the various incentives of decision points within a complex system of players. Skill used in completing the undergraduate thesis.
Demographic Analysis
  Statistical tests for understanding principal and agent interaction within a firm or a general market. Skill has been used in the marketing of the Literary Folio of the UPLB Pantas
  Regression analysis and Difference testing using Statistical Software, econometrics allows forboth ex-post or ex-ante analysis and can also be used for statistical prediction in the manipulation of various business variables.
Business Analytics
  Business analytics combines microeconomic and factor market analysis to human resource and capital management in order to optimize business processes. Skill has been used in the business aspects of Theatrical Productions of the UPLB Comartsoc as well as papers for clients including Aerospace Companies Delta and Northwest Airlines (Paper may be provided by request as s ample purposes)


UPLB Perspective Articles

- Culture Writer 2004

Istoker, Pantas Literary Folio

- Literary Editor 2005

Pusod, Pantas Literary Folio

- Literary Editor 2006

Recordamos, Pantas Literary Folio- Literary Editor 2007

Fate of Fallen Leaves, Pantas Literary Folio- Literary Editor 2008

A Comparative Analysis of Biosafety Regulation- Undergraduate Thesis 2009

Bato-Balani E-Page Articles

- Contributing Writer 2009

Bato-Balani Magazine

- Contributing Writer 2009