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Work experience

Jan 2007Present


The Barney Boots Company

2007-Present: CEO / Founder/ Owner

Company: The Barney Boots Company ApS

I founded the company Barney Boots in January 2007. The company designs, produces and distributes High-Eng wellingtons and rainwear. Our products are sold to +150 wholesalers in 14 different countries and through up to 16 sales agents. Barney Boots has an International Patent Pending on our self developed product, StickerBoots®. The company has signed a license agreement with The Disney Corporation which gives Barney Boots StickerBoots® a leading role in their new line of Mid-End products. Barney Boots has new products ready for new season and must important new functional designs which are very exciting. The company has for some time been looking and negotiating with interesting partners in the textile business, who have the capacity and financial background to push our International patent pending around the globe.


Leadership/Business: Financial & budgeting. Patent registration and product protection. Purchasing / Profit optimizing in production.Contract / Large account negotiation – retail chains and distributors (Scandinavia, Europe and US/Canada), wholesale (Europe and Japan), production (China, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Turkey, Denmark, Spain etc.), License negotiation. Making documents ready for negotiating with investors/financial partners.

Business development: Writing Code of conduct. Making business contract with production line, partners, licensees etc. Building up a brand from idea to a well-known brand/product in short time.

Product development: Keeping a steady development of unique, fashionable and innovative products/concepts including development of brand new products (Pat. Pending). Special productions and Private label production/design.

Daily responsibility: Administration. External partners – financial guidance partners, designers, sales representatives/ agents, marketing, Public Relations/Media, WebPages etc.

Jan 2004Jan 2007

Sales and Marketing Director

Telsome A/S

2004-2007: Sales and Marketing director / Founder / Owner

Company: Telsome A/S

In 2004 I co-founded the IP phone company: Telsome A/S – who was the leading pioneer within the business. Builds up and develop the company which started in a small apartment and which rapidly explodes to be the second largest IP Phone operator looking at private customers and the largest operator looking at business customers – in Europe. I did calling over the Internet understandable by selling our phone adaptors through supermarkets/hypermarkets. Rapidly we had 40 employees and a branch office in Malaga, Spain. In 2006 Telsome were rewarded by the Red Herring comity to be one of the most exciting companies. The company were sold in 2007 to Comendo A/S

Leadership/Business: We developed the company from scratch. I had from start focus on our sales channel. Designed our price structure, responsible for all communications and product development to our different customer groups. Optimizing the website and made it user-friendly. Building up our branch office in Malaga, Spain. Build up our professional board of directors and hired the chairman. Hired by time a professional CEO who was known in the business.

Business development: Developed our sales distribution: Installation companies who also sold ordinary PABX systems. Made distribution agreements with Aastra, Siemens etc. Later on I used much time on the growing interest for Telsome – we had the first contact from an Investor 8 months after we launched the phone services. And in 2006 we got our first Investor signed to the company.

Product development: Purchasing in within the region and abroad, developed new functions for our Soft PABX, and developed many new concepts to our private and business customers.

Daily responsibility: My role as the Sales and Marketing director was also busy with my responsible for our sales department (Sales to private users through our partner stores and websites) and most important our business department. I also had the responsibility for the employees in sales and support.

Jan 2003Jan 2004


MAS Entertainment

2003-2004: CEO / Founder / Owner

Company: M.A.S. Entertainment ApS

My first time as a Entrepreneur – the company was called M.A.S. Entertainment. The company mainly distributed accessories for console and PC with our brand Piranha. I imported and distributed furthermore ink cartridge, computer cables and other electronics which primarily was produced in China. The company had exclusive agreements with the China producers for Scandinavia. We also designed and produced under our own label in China.

I closed M.A.S. Entertainment when Telsome A/S was taking all my time.


Sales Manager

Networld Media ApS

2002-2003: Sales manager at Networld Media ApS – Denmark’s largest total distributor of games and accessories.

I was member of the board and leader of the sales department and was responsibleof succeeding our budgets. Building up new distribution channels in Scandinavia by making sales campaigns, sales strategies.


Key Acount Manager

Guillemot Nordic A/S

2001-2002: Key Account Manager at Guillemot Nordic A/S selling computer hardware and games accessories.

Building up the Danish market, large account negotiation, developing sales concepts and campaigns with the Product Managers.


Sales representative

Ubi Soft Nordic A/S

1999-2001: Sales representative for Ubi Soft Nordic / Guillemot. Was responsible for building up a new area: Jutland by selling games and accessories. Started with 5 customers and ended with 350 customers 1½; year after.




Several courses in leadership, purchasing, sale, NLP and innovation. The courses was a part of my training as one of the coming leaders of the book store chain.


Book sales assistant


Hillerød Business School


Business Delelopment
I always start from scratch and ends up to have a business I can be proud of.   When I Co-founded Telsome A/S we started up in a small appartment and ended up with over 40 employee.   I can make even the most impossible product/concept be a succes!
Many innovative, creative and profitable business ideas just lies and wait to be used, and for the right company these ideas, concepts could easily be used, like in the right company many more new exciting ideas will come true with my help and experience.
Negotiation with large as well as small accounts – foreign or local – the customers and the production is my speciality. Nobody has ever left the table disappointed.
I have good contacts to factories of all kind of products - from wellingtons to Golfcars :-) Just give me a asignment and I will solve the purchasing issue.   These experiances are learnd from repeatedly business trips to China.
  I have founded 3 good companies within the last 7-8 years. Two of them has been sold.   As you can read above the entrepreneur spirit is a great part of my life. It has been that for years if not always. It not only reflects my “9-5” time - but indeed also my private life at home were the Friday evening often are used (of course with a nice glad of red wine) to come up with a idea for a new company, concept or fantastic product. Some of the ideas are brought to life – for example the StickerBoots idea where a child designs the wellington with stickers. The  idea came for 1½; year ago and now I have an International Pat. Pending.     The company who are open for new thoughts and wants a real entrepreneur got my support! A “9-5” job with budgets isn’t my favourite day – but of course I handle it – give me instead a 80 hours week with heavy negotiations.  I always know my market and my product and my value. Also I use my network every day and is the International contact person in Round Table Denmark (RT 90 Taastrup).