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Brian Williams is a chef, teacher, and activist from Charlotte, North Carolina. Highly involved in local non profit work, charter schools, and youth empowerment in the context of Hip Hop Culture, Brian uses his knowledge of food to reach teens with gourmet techniques and the 1000 year old histories of the ingredients he brings to the table.  

-- CL 25 people to watch in 2015:

Work experience

Dec 2014Present

Head Chef/Owner

Terra Flora

Specializes in taking raw-centric cuisine to its highest platforms in flavor, technique, visuals and balancing tradition with modernity. 

Jan 2015Present

Head Brewer/Owner

Bucha Fresca

Bucha Fresca is the result of my final projects at Mathew Kenney Culinary in Santa Monica. The idea being a modern take on ancient Mexican flavors in Kombucha form, with supreme respect given to the second fermentation process where carbonation is achieved naturally. This distinguishes us from virtually all other commercially available Kombucha in that we refuse to force C02 into the product to carbonate artificially, allowing all the natural B vitamins to proliferate with the sharp and diverse flavors. 


Sep 2004Aug 2008

B.A of Political Science

Queens College

Studying Political Science at Queens University of Charlotte gave me a foundation in International culture, history, philosophy, and language learning. This experience pushed me to travel abroad extensively in Asia and Latin America, experiencing cultural immersion in the diverse human experience often through food and the traditions surrounding food preparation. In Charlotte my experience remains International. Sourcing ingredients in my diverse neighborhood often dealing in several languages for the creation of a single dish gives me the pride in my city and eclectic upbringing to bring my vision into focus.


Jul 2014Aug 2014

Advanced Raw Cuisine Certification

Mathew Kenney Culinary, Santa Monica CA

During the Summer of 2014 I attended two four week intensives at Mathew Kenney Culinary(M.A.K.E), rated one of the best culinary academies in the world by food and wine magazine - - 

Throughout the courses "Fundamentals of Raw Cuisine" and "Advanced Raw Cuisine" I not only gained insight into a transformative way of approaching raw food using techniques such as the sous vide, smoking, sprouting, dehydration, fermentation and cheese making, molecular gastronomy, plating and presentation, but also important foundations for any chef including knife skills and kitchen care.  During these courses I was also selected for an internship in the M.A.K.E.  kitchen under acclaimed Chef Scott Winegard where I gained experience on the line executing complex dishes for rushed service. This extra experience was crucial for my understanding of applying these techniques in an actual service environment.