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Ability to accurately draft a personal wiring diagram, or "blueprint" that identifies natural tendencies, strengths, core values, and a host of other individual components. Strong understanding of how components interrelate, and how best to apply individual profiles for students choosing a course of study or making  career related decisions. 

Work experience


Program Developer, Career Mentor and Coach

Careerforming Coaching and Consulting

Developed, tested and implemented a highly effective program that provides high school and college aged students with a unique and accurate method to make sound major/career related decisions. 


Hiring, Business Consultant

Northwest/Compass Airlines, C-moregreen Publishing.

Screened, interviewed, and made hiring recommendations for pilots of Compass Airlines, a new regional airline that was a wholly owned subsidiary of Northwest Airlines. Assisted in the start up and operation of a small real estate advertising business. 


Flight Training Instructor, Airline Pilot

Northwest Airlines

Trained Airline Flight Crews on flight procedures  and the application of Crew Resource Management (interpersonal communications, leadership, and decision making). On alternate months,  Airline Pilot flying routes in North America. 


Naval Officer, Pilot

U. S. Navy

Twenty years experience Leadership, Training, and HR Development, both active duty and Naval Reserve. Instructor Pilot TA-4J Skyhawk, Advanced Jet Training Syllabus. Pilot A6E Intruder Aircraft, Aircrew Weapons Training Officer, Squadron Personnel Officer, Drug and Alcohol Program Administrator. 


Bachelor of Science Business Administration

Oregon State University


DISC Behavioral Analyst 

Target Training International.

Professionally Trained and Certified Leadership Coach

Lifeforming Leadership Coaching

In depth twelve month training and certification process in Transformational Leadership Coaching.