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Clinical psychologists deal with a wide range of mental and physical health problems including addiction, anxiety, depression, learning difficulties and relationship issues. We may undertake a clinical assessment to investigate a clients’ situation. There are a variety of methods available including psychometric tests, interviews and direct observation of behavior. Assessment may lead to advice, counselling or therapy

Details about me 

I consider myself to be  a nice and easy going person , highly social and spontaneous. I am very family oriented and value my time with my friends greatly .  

My hobbies include singing , dancing, eating  and watching videos on youtube ( mostly top 10's and documentaries) . I am also a very passionate person that loves to talk to people and grow . 

I am outspoken and direct and honest , people might see that at times as conceded or rude , but in most cases ones they get to know me better that perception is changed to something positive.  

Work experience

Jun 2015Sep 2015


Bar Rockolas  (Costa Rica)

My job at Rockolas entailed working at the cash register . My duties ranched from opening the bar , counting the money and closing the bar  (attending to the bar costumer occasionally) . I did not stay in this job for long because I decided to move back to Aruba and I had started with the preparations . Having said this I enjoyed it immensely and made wonderful friends at this post. 

Sept, 2013Jan 2014

Activities Director (Practice / Volunteer)

Centro Gerontologico Curridabat Costa Rica .

As activities Director at this retirement home , I was in charge of opening small pockets of spaces in between the everyday activities  , to where the elderly could  express themselves and be entertained at the same time . This was achieved by playing games , organizing "ball's" (bailes) and implementing art pieces . I must say that I formed close bonds with these wonderful people and they taught more of psychology that any book could.

Sep 2012Nov 2012

 Work with parents of children in palliative care  (volunteer)

I volunteered at this institution because I wanted some experience in this very difficult area of psychology . There I was offered a space to implement activities for the parents of the children in palliative care. The idea was to try and let them have some time  to express their feelings in a healthy manor . I did this with music therapy , dance therapy . However to be honest most of the time was spent just lending them an ear or a shoulder to cry on , the reason for this is that so many times they have to be so strong for their loved ones that they themselves forget to express themselves or "let it out" if you will .I must say that this experience was very difficult but enriching in every way.  

Jan 2011Jun 2011

Volunteer (  orientador )

Napoleon Quesada Costa rica  Highschool 

I volunteered in a High school called Napoleon Quesada. Our mission was to provide a safe space where the children could express themselves , and have time to do there homework and other activities that normally they would not be able to do , due to there living conditions and their monetary situations . All of this work was to impact positively the percentage of high school dropouts . I found this experience to be extremely enriching and it also humbled me to real life situations that we are so commonly blind to .  

Mar 2007Apr 2009


Private Parties 

I have worked while living on Aruba , and before embarking on my higher education in many events as a waiter , bar tender and busboy . This entailed waiting on tables , attending to guest needs , serving drinks and the general cleanup after the events. I feel that this experience has helped me to learn how to interact better with people and also how to offer better service . 


Sep 2013Dec 2015

Major in General Psychology (Licensing program)

Universidad Fidelitas 

I further my studies by going into the Licensing program , where we went a bit deeper and got a bit more of experience in therapy . I personally enjoyed this period much more since I got to give therapy and grow more as a professional in psychology . 

Sep 2009Jan 2014

Bachelors Degree 

Universidad Latina de Costa Rica 

Psychology is the study of the human mind , emotions and behavior . We focus on the mental well being of our patients/clients whether this be in maintenance , emotional distress or any behavioral conducts he/she wishes to alter .

My studies during my course in the Universidad Latina de Costa Rica focused more on the clinical area of psychology , such areas include , behavioral , cognitive ,systemic psychology and psychoanalysis. Other courses inlcude :Psicologia Laboral , Psicodramatization  and Criminal Psychology 

Aug 2006Mar 2009



I studied for three years at the institution EPI HORECA . I did not finish the study because I found that this was not my calling and I wished to study psychology . How ever , in these three years I learned lot's of things in the area of tourism , management , public speaking , cooking  and generally how to go about with people and these are lessons that I cherish and that are priceless ,and have been enriching to my life .

Aug 2000Jul 2006


John Wesley 

I found my high school education to very  enriching , even though I  stayed back in a few years , I find that this was necessary to build character , and I am eternally grateful  for this .


  • I work well under pressure and also enjoy working in team settings
  • I am proficient in Microsoft office applications in what entails the making , updating and revision of psychological reports
  •  I am well informed in the area of human rights , sexual rights , reproductive rights and sexual violence based on gender.
  • I am punctual and put professionalism at a utmost importance .
  • Skilled at handling with people , in high stress situations .
  • I consider myself hard working , quick to learn and have an ability to assume responsibility 
  • Even though my favorite setting is in the clinical area of psychology , i thoroughly enjoy doing workshops and implementing talks.
  • I speak and write  fluently in English, Papiamento,Spanish and Dutch .
  • Able and willing to assist co-workers and clients in a cooperative manner.
  • I am dependable with common sense and poses a variety of skills useful in the area of mental health.
  • I pride myself in handling difficult situation with a level headed mindset
  • I am passionate about my profession and am always open to learning .



Taller Vivencial de Psicodrama


Instituto Costrricense de Psicodrama Otorga el presente certificado a BrianVerschuur Maduro Por su participacion y aprovechamiento en el Taller Vivencial de Psicodrama  ( 40 horas ) 


Laureate International Universities 

Facultad de Psicologia 

Facultad de Psicologia otorga el presente certificado a Brian Theoron Yoe Verschuur Maduro .Por su participacion en la mesa redonda. Realidad del ejercicio profesional de la psicologia en Costa Rica . Con una duracion de 3 horas San Jose , 21 de Abril de 2010 



Aruba Tourism Authority

Aruba Certified Expert . E certificado aki ta sirbi como confirmacion cu Brian Verschuur . A logra completa e curso di "Aruba Certified Expert (ACE)" cu exito y pa e motibo aki ta keda oficialmente reconoci como un experto ariba e terreno turistico pa e isla di Aruba. 


Middelbaar Algemeen Voortgezet Onderwijs

John Wesley College 

Middelbaar algemeen voortgezet Collage verklaart dat: Verschuur Maduro ,Brian Theoron Yoe geboren 18 Juli 1988 te Venezuela /Valencia in het jaar 2006 het eindexamen in de zin van artikel 32 van Landverordening Vooertgezet Onderwijs (AB 1989, no. GT 103) met goed gevolg heeft afgelegd.    registratie nummer : 06071100433