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Work experience

Mar 2013Nov 2013


Carters Retail Store


                        My responsibilities as a supervisor was to assign a partner to work with me in the back and floor of the store and make sure everything is in order. The fixtures, clothes, and tables are properly placed and replenished. My division of responsibility is execution and assistance with presentation of the store. I also to calculate and send daily sales reports to higher management to update our progress throughout the day. I supervise a team of sales associates and base divisions of responsibilities towards tasks that need to be completed.

Oct 2012Mar 2013

Substitute Teacher/instructional Assistant

Fairfax County Public Schools

My responsibility as a substitute teacher was to take control of a classroom including elementary thru high school. Supplied with written instruction or voice instructions and maintaining timely schedule of events to go smoothly.

                        My responsibility as an instructional assistant was to assist the leading teacher/instructor in performing tasks for the classroom. Applying basic math and English/reading skills as well as computer skills.

Feb 2012Jul 2012


Northern Virginia Waterproofing

My responsibilities as a laborer were to conduct a series of professional tasks in a specific order to solve the problem of water entering a basement/home. I also instructed the owner of the house about the times, materials, and personnel that we were bringing to the location. I translated specific instructions to co-workers and worked with them in order to finish the task professionally.


                                    Key Achievements:                                  

  • Translation of specific objectives from English to Spanish
  • Was able to lead a group of laborers but also help them to solve same goal
  • Used and developed more communication skills with variety of costumers.
Oct 2010Mar 2011

Junior Varsity Wrestling Coach

Fairfax County Public Schools J. E

As a Junior Varsity Wrestling Coach for adolescents in High School I learned a lot about myself and others. To achieve full capacity and will power of a person and teach him or her how to maintain a healthy living style while still improving wrestling skills.


Key Achievements:

  • Managed my own group of Junior Varsity wrestlers and took them to tournaments.
  • Lead the group of Junior Varsity wrestlers to District Championships
  • Lead the group of Junior Varsity wrestlers to Regional Championships
  • Improved Communication skills with other coaches in a educational setting as well as maintaining a positive student-teacher relationship.
Jul 2009Aug 2009

Medicare Assistant

Fairfax County Public Schools Gate House

I was in an office improving my organization and filing skills. I also developed and learned how to operate Microsoft office operations such as; Word, Power point, and Excel.


Aug 2014Dec 2015

B.S degree in Psychology

Longwood University

I am a current senior at Longwood University. I am currently a member of the Psychology club and have a current overall GPA of 2.9.

May 2010Sep 2012

Associates Degree In Social Science

Northern Virginia Community College

I completed a 2 year associates degree in Social Sciences at Northern Virginia Community college with a GPA above a 3.0



I am currently a student at Longwood University with the eagerness to gain experience outside of the classroom and also use what I have learned so far from my education towards my career. I am a dedicated student and committed team member for tasks that have to be completed either by creative solving with or without a team. My last employer was at Carters as a supervisor with the responsibilities of execution and presentation of the store. I am reliable and am able to learn at a fast pace. I also have the following skills:

  • The skill to write and speak Spanish Fluently.
  • The skill to take charge and lead a group if necessary.
  • Organized and Prepared.
  • The skill to organize and calculate sales number and maintaining a timely manner.


I understand and can successfully manage Microsoft programs such as; Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power Point, and Microsoft Excel.


I understand and can manage to work with schedules and with group members on various tasks simultaneously.


I have built social skills towards customers and coworkers. I have also designed sketches of the projects to have a better view and idea of the task.


I have the skills to compute quantitative data using the Statistical Package of Social Sciences (SPSS) and report the results in APA style format.


            An dependent t test showed a significant difference between the groups, t(41) = 7.27, p = 0.00, 95% CI[0.7449713754303607] (two-tailed). Figure 1 illustrates that the participants had a faster reaction time matching the words that paired with the colors (M = 884.70, SD = 298.63) than the words that didn’t pair with the colors (M = 1050.29, SD = 367.0).

Figure 1. Participants took less time matching the word with the color than mismatching the word with the color. .

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Walter Saravia: Project Manager at Northern Virginia Waterproofing

Contact information: 3700 North Rosser Street. Alexandria, Virginia 22311

Contact #: (703) 575-7756


Cherno Jammeh: Store Manager at Carters Retail Store

Contact Information: 5841 Crossroads Center. Falls Church, Virginia 22041

Contact #: (703) 303-8159