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Work experience

Apr 2012Present


Euro-Asia Consulting

As a Consultant for Euro-Asia Consulting, I perform feasibility studies and due diligence reports for International casino operators and gaming equipment manufacturers and suppliers throughout the South America and Caribbean region.

Nov 2010Mar 2012

Gaming & Surveillance Management


I am working independently as an advisor to new and existing casino operators in Suriname. To date I have successfully regenerated the previously failed tables operation within a downtown casino location, bringing the attendance and revenue to an acceptable level.

I was recently working with a new casino operator who was in the pre-operational stage of opening a ‘High Class’ Casino within the Best Western Elegance Hotel. I advised on all aspects of General Operations and was also responsible for the project management of the CCTV Surveillance Installation and the recruitment, training and management of the Surveillance and Gaming Departments.

I am always interested  in new and challenging concepts and would consider short  /  long term projects based in Suriname or longer more permenant opportunities Internationally.

Dec 2009Nov 2010

General Manager / Project Manager (Pre-operations) & Group Surveillance Consultant

Sunny Group Of Companies

Sunny Group of Companies is a Trinidad based operation with MAPAU Brand land-based and online Casino Operations amongst their portfolio. I was first approached in October 2009 to research and perform due-diligence for a proposed casino operation in Suriname. I was appointed as General Manager of Suriname Operations in January 2010 and was responsible for the pre-operations project management. I oversaw the construction and interior refurbishment of the premises, I obtained all necessary licenses and legal agreements required and  initiated the personnel recruitment process.

The casino opened in September 2010 and I am extremely proud of the transformation achieved. Mapau Suriname has the potential to succeed where many operators have previously failed, this is greatly due to my involvement from pre-operations / project management and my imput as General Manager.

As Group Surveillance Manager I was also responsible for the coordination and management of the Surveillance Operations both in Suriname and all locations throughout the Caribbean. I was tasked with surveying all sites and making recommendations for developement in order to maximise the effectiveness of the Surveillance Operations.

Aug 2008Jan 2010

Surveillance Manager

Pasha Gaming

Pasha Gaming is an International Casino Management Company with operations in South America, Africa and Cyprus. The Suriname, South America operation consists of 3 mid-sized casinos, with 35+ tables and 600+ slot machines, employing over 500+ employees. My role as Surveillance and Security Manager was to effectively enforce the Compliance of established policies and procedures throughout the company and to ensure the Security and integrity of the company by the management of both the physical security and electronic surveillance departments.

I was also involved with pre-operational CCTV installation management and the training and development of Surveillance Personnel.

Sep 2005Jul 2008

General Operations Manager

Magnum Industries

Magnum Industries operate The Golden Truly Hotel & Casino and the Golden Tulip Casino in Suriname, South America. Both operations are focused predominantly on the mostly Asian gaming market. During my time with Magnum Industries I have been directly responsible for the General Management of Operations. My recent project was the development of the Hotel and F&B Business. I was also very much involved with the Gaming Operation, Security & Surveillance and Human Resource / Administration. Across the 2 locations Magnum operate 2 Casinos, a Hotel, 2 Restaurants and 3 Bars and employing over 300 staff. As part of the small, but experienced Management Team I was constantly developing the business through staff training, customer service evaluation, and marketing and market analysis. In the 3 years of operation they are currently the busiest and most successful Hotel & Casino Operation in Suriname and during my tenure, Hotel Occupancy quadrupled as did the standard of Customer Service.

Dec 2003Sep 2005

Corporate Director of Security & Surveillance

SIC Management Services

SIC Management Services Co. Ltd is the state run Management Company responsible for the operational management of five Casinos (Casinos of Mauritius), retail and food service outlets on the Island of Mauritius. As Security & Surveillance Director I was responsible for the management of the day to day Security, Surveillance and Compliance Operations of each of the five Casinos and other locations, as well as providing ongoing training and development and support to all Security, Surveillance, Gaming and Retail Personnel. Each of the five Casinos were individually themed and catered to all types of clientele, including locals, tourists and business travellers. I managed a team of 40 Surveillance Personnel and over 120 Security Personnel, covering the five casino locations as well as the Central Surveillance Office, which was the hub for all locations. I also worked closely with the Human Resources Department and 1200+ workforce within the organisation.

I was also responsible for the project management and installation of new CCTV Systems and was actively involved with other projects managed by SIC including consulting on the installation of a complete CCTV system and training of all personnel at; The International Airport Duty Free Stores; and the Lakepoint Retail and Leisure Operation.

In addition to my responsibilities as the Security & Surveillance Manager, I worked very closely with the General Manager and played an integral role in the ‘General’ operational management of all SIC projects. This included being actively involved with Player Development, Player Analysis and Tracking, Marketing and Customer Relations.

Mar 2003Nov 2003

Director of Security & Surveillance

Grand Princess Entertainment

Grand Princess Entertainment was a new Casino Operation in Antigua. The High Roller and Elite Tourist are the main interests for the Casino and Entertainment Complex. I was involved at the Pre-Operation Stage of the project and was responsible for the overseeing of the installation of the CCTV Surveillance System and was actively involved with the Recruitment and Training of all Gaming and Non-gaming Personnel. The parent company (Antigua Amusements) also operated several Slot Casinos on the island, for which I also was responsible for the Surveillance of and provided Security Services during Coin Drops and Counts. Although my position was Director of Security & Surveillance I was also very much involved with the General Management of the Casino, restaurant and bars, taking on the role of Operations Manager, assisting the Human Resources Manager and heading the Marketing Department.

May 2000Mar 2003

Director of Security & Surveillance

Suriname Leisure Company

Suriname Palace Casino was a mid-range Casino operation, which catered mainly to the local and tourist trade with some minor junket business and the Chinese gaming market. The casino consisted of 16 tables and 180 slots. My responsibilities included the management of the Surveillance Department, which consisted of 11 staff, including 2 Supervisors. I was also responsible for the management of the Security Department, which consisted of a 40 strong Security Team and 12 contracted Armed Security Officers. The Casino was situated in the city centre of Paramaribo and this position did attract a certain amount of undesirable characters, which made the Security & Surveillance Department a vital part of the casino operation.

Although my primary responsibility was the Management of the Security and Surveillance Departments, I was also actively involved in the daily management of the entire Casino and Food & Beverage Operation. During the extended absence of a Casino Manger, I assumed this role and provided support to all departments within the Casino. Over the 3 years I assisted the General Manager and had an active role in the development of the Gaming and Non-Gaming operations of the business.

Jul 1998Mar 1999

Director of Security & Surveillance

Nam Ngum Dansavanh

Dansavanh Nam Ngum Resort & Casino was a new Casino, Hotel and Entertainment venture designed to be an eco-friendly resort and gaming centre set in a rain forest by the Nam Ngum Lake.The resort was Malaysian funded and operated by an international casino management team headed by President, Dennis Andreaci and Vice President, Ges France. The Casino was built on two levels and consisted of 27 gaming tables and 70 slot machines, with plans for the opening of a VIP gaming area. The hotel has 180 rooms, 2 restaurants, bars, entertainment and retail outlets. As part of the management team and in my capacity of Surveillance Manager, I was responsible for the operation of the CCTV Surveillance Department and the Hotel & Casino Security Department. Prior to the opening of the project I was actively involved with staff recruitment and training, both for my department and other departments within the casino. I was also involved with the installation of the CCTV system through out the property and the design of the CCTV monitor room.

I had 9 members of staff working for me within the Surveillance Department, and a 30-man Security Department, with the assistance of an Assistant Security Manager. The property employed over 400 staff in total. During my tenure I successfully built the Surveillance Department into a valuable asset for the casino and as part of the Management Team was responsible for the General Management of the Operation.

Jan 1997Feb 1998

Security & Surveillance Manager

Ciragan Palace Casino

The Ciragan Palace Casino was the Premier Casino in Istanbul, Turkey. Situated within the 5 Star Kempinski Ciragan Palace Hotel, The 300+ room hotel was the ultimate in 5 star luxury and the casino attracted a wide range of clientele. The casino operation was Thai owned and operated by a management team headed by Director, Steve Karoul. The casino operated 18 gaming tables including a VIP room and Asian junket room, along with 120 slot machines including a VIP slots room. My duties as Security & Surveillance Manager included the relocation of the entire CCTV camera system in order to achieve maximum efficiency of the system. I had 6 relatively inexperienced surveillance operators within my department. With the aid of Mike Wallis from ICM, London, I introduced an intensive training program, the result of which greatly improved the efficiency of the department and led to the identification and elimination of many known undesirables from the casino. I had a strong team of Security Agents and together were responsible for the security of the entire property including close protection services to VIP’s and dignitaries.

During my last months working in Istanbul it was my task to help maintain the integrity of the employees, property and assets due to the imminent closure by the government of all casinos in Turkey.

Oct 1994Sep 1995

VP Security & Surveillance

Subic Bay Resort & Casino

Subic Bay Resort and Casino catered to the local, tourist, business and high action overseas junket clientele. The Casino was Malaysian owned and managed by an international management teamed headed by President Dennis Andreaci. The 140 room hotel also had an international restaurant, bar and retail outlets. In my position as Surveillance Manager I was responsible for the daily operation of my department and reported directly to the CEO. I had 9 members of staff in the surveillance department and a team of over 40 security officers. The main Casino operated approximately 30 gaming tables and 70 slot machines along with a high action junket room. During my time at Subic Bay the company acquired an additional property, which they developed into their second casino. One of my main projects was to source and secure a supplier for the installation of the CCTV system and to plan and design a custom made surveillance department for the new casino.

Dec 1993Oct 1994

Surveillance Supervisor

Star Cruise

I joined Star Cruises as a Pioneer on board the Star Aquarius, the first of the Star Cruise fleet. I was given the opportunity to join the Surveillance Department and together with the Director of Surveillance Dana Leibovitz and the team of operators I helped to build the Surveillance Department into a valuable asset of the casino. The only reason I left Star Cruise was to advance my career by accepting a management position in the Philippines.

Jun 1993Sep 1993

Pit Boss / Shift Manager

Vigado Casino
Nov 1992May 1993

Training Manager

IGC Casino Training
Jul 1991Oct 1992

Gaming Inspector

Sun International
Jun 1987Jun 1991

Gaming Inspector / Acting Pit Boss

Stanley Leisure



General Studies

Broadoak High School

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6th June 1968




195 lbs



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Over 25 years experience in the Casino Industry. Working in over 14 countries throughout Asia, Africa, Caribbean, Europe, South America and Cruise Ships. I have a Diverse range of skills from Casino Gaming positions in the 1980's to Senior Management / Director positions in Surveillance, Security, Compliance, Marketting, Human Resources, Hotel & F&B and General Gaming Management.After many years of travelling and adapting well to the varying countries and cultures, I am now seeking the opportunity to make my mark within a country with a view to a more permenant and settled working and personal life.I am looking for a challenging and rewarding career opportunity within a professional and progressive organisation, with good job security and a degree of permenance.


My objective after travelling extensively for the last 20 years is to become part of a professional, reputable and progressive organization, a company in which I will be able to not only apply, but further develop my skills and knowledge. I am looking for job satisfaction and a level of security that would enable me to finally settle into a lifestyle with a little more permanence.

Specific Skills

I am experienced and accomplished in casino project management and design of CCTV installations; Adept and practiced in casino pre-operations including staff recruitment and training; Knowledgeable within the field of casino and hotel  F&B management and always happy to take on new challenges in order to broaden my career perspective.

Training & Certificates

June 1987 – July 1991:Gaming Board of Great Britain

:Certificate of Gaming (License) Dealer / Inspector

Certificate of Gaming (License) Pit Manager

June 1998:International Casino Monitoring (London)

Certificate of Advanced Surveillance Management.

July 2004:Berkeley Bureau International (London)

Certificate of Surveillance & Compliance

(Management & Training)

September 2004:Casinos of Mauritius

                                                                            ISO 9001 Best Management Practices Award


Steve Karoul

I am currently working with Steve on a consultancy basis within the South America and Caribbean Region. I also worked with Steve during my tenure at the Ciragan Palace Casino in istanbul, Turkey.

Steve is reknown worldwide for his unrivaled abilities in casino & junket marketting

Demokan Edis

I have known and worked with Demokan during my many years in Suriname.

Steve Hand

I have known Steve for many years and have worked on various casino related projects.

Seilendra Gokhool

Mr. Gokhool was the Chairman of SIC Management Services (Mauritius) and the Chairman of Casinos of Mauritius. Not only did I have the direct reporting line to him, he was also a good friend and mentor during my tenure as Corporate Director of Security & Surveillance at SIC / Casinos of Mauritius.

David Smith

I worked with David while managing the casino operation at Golden Dragon Casino (Sister company to Ambassador Casino)

Janice Clague

I worked with Janice during my tenure at Suriname Leisure Company and more directly during my tenure at Magnum Industries N.V.

Janice will be able to provide both a personal character reference and a professional business reference,

Lucette Wint

Mike Somers

Mike is a consummate industry professional with whom I had the pleasure of working with during my tenure with Casinos of Mauritius and Magnum Industries.

Dennis Andreaci

Dennis is a highly recognised and respected figure within Asian casino operations. I worked with Dennis in the Philippines and Laos.