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Sep 2015Dec 2017

2nd Year Computing Science

University of Alberta Faculty of Science
  • Languages: Python
Jul 2015Sep 2015

Web Developer

Lighthouse Labs
  • Languages: Ruby, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, Ajax
  • Frameworks: ActiveRecord, Sinatra, Rails
  • Database: SQL/Postgres
Sep 2012May 2015

 3rd Year Mechanical Engineering, Bachelor of Science

University of Alberta Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • Relevant Classes: Engineering Graphic and CAD, Mechanical Measurement, Fluid Mechanics, Mechanical Design, Heat Transfer, Advanced Design Strength of Material, Numerical Method of Mechanical Engineering


Memory Game University of Alberta

A simple game to flip all identical cards. Built with Python and PyGame

Eggs Lighthouse Labs (

A simple arcade game involving catching chicken eggs, built with JavaScript and Phaser.js

Contact List   Lighthouse Labs

A single page app which is built for users to modify their contacts information. Built with JavaScript, Jquery, Ajax, Json. Still under development.

Shipit   Lighthouse Labs

Based on the 'Uber for shipping' concept: provide local delivery services. A local host web App built on Sinatra skeleton, SQL database. Heavy on the back-end and Google map API experiences. 

Rotten Mangoes   Lighthouse Labs

A movie database made with rails with description, ratings, comments for each respective movie

Work History

Jun 2014Sep 2014

Research Assistant

Mechanical Engineering Research, University of Alberta
  • Research Capillary Ratchet Mechanism; Built model to simulate data and plots for Capillary Ratchet Mechanism
  • Coded Yong-Laplace equations and Meniscus Geometry equations by Matlab to simulate various parameters (choosing different contact angles, bird beak sizes, and droplet volumes) and output data and plots
Jul 2013Aug 2013

Electrician Helper

Great Vancouver Electrical Company
  • Led the installation of various light sensors, arrays and switches across various architectural designed homes

  • Developed customized application to connect wiring with port and wall light, fan and air conditioning


  • Interests: travelling, biking, basketball, table tennis, music

  • Language: Mandarin


I am a Junior full-stack web developer with more focus on back-end. Although creating a fancy and intelligent page layout is exiting, I feel more interested in exploring back-end development while focusing on attaining a fully functioning application. Ideally I'd like to find a job that can not only push me to learn new practices or languages, but also allow me to create or contribute to web applications with clean, portable, well-documented code with regard to my known languages.