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I am an educator and an innovator who looks at the problems of society as a challenge, and I have ideas to help solve those problems. Positive about life, confident in my skills, and comfortable with technology, I see my experiences as tools to help me teach and communicate, but I also see our own humanity as our greatest asset.

I want to make a difference in the world. I want to write. I want to be happy, and I have been happy as a teacher, web designer, writer, and communicator.

Using a creative, fresh approach to every challenge I encounter, I am ready to work in the public or private sector with the skills I have developed while teaching. I can create new or enhance existing platforms for outreach, both in person and online. I can create professional-quality websites, write the appropriate content, and train others to do the same.

Work experience

Aug 2015Present

Senior Web Developer

Luthernet Web Design
Turning the internet into the Luthernet Designing modern, mobile-friendly church websites Staying within a strict budget Completing sites in a week or less
Jan 2008Present

Web Designer and Consultant

Giving back to other educators and institutions. Housing information on best practices in education, including flipped classroom, PDSA, Moodle and other EMS scripts, and Google Drive/Sites. Hosting lesson plans and a member community of tutors for area students. Exploring new ways to use technology to teach. Designing and implementing websites for school and non-profit fundraising.
Dec 2006Present

Creative Writer at Real Wisconsin News and McNewsy

Real Wisconsin News
Writing satire about life, especially in Wisconsin. Casting an entertaining light on human flaws, and toring other creative and research content on Some funny, some sad (some sad because it's trying to be something funny but doesn't really work). And some will, heaven forbid, make you think.
Jun 2006Present

Web Developer

Passive Ninja
Designing custom websites for businesses, schools, churches, or personal pages. Using Google Sites for education or churches. Hosting sites securely. Maintaining and updating sites. Implementing and learning newest web standards, including relevant elements of Joomla CMS, CSS, PHP, and HTML. Understanding customer needs in order to institute better user interface of site. Creating websites for any category, including amateur baseball, school/church fundraising, church, hair salon, musician, fishing bait, satirical news, travel, insurance, and education. Experimenting with several CMS and open source options in order to develop new skills. Implementing custom bulletin boards, shopping sites, and image galleries into those sites. Teaching all clients how to update their own sites. Analyzing data to drive future decisions. Sites include,,,,,,
Jun 2003Present

Writer, Husband, Father

Leading while also remembering to compromise. Desiring to succeed for others. Maintaining a presence as a role model. Instilling a desire to learn. Loving. Helping others through blogging at Teaching children to embrace creativity and love learning.


Videos showing skills and values.


BA English


English Major, French Minor


Urban Planning


Teaching Certification

Wisconsin DPI

English 6-12