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Brian Galvez




University of Hawai'i at Hilo

Work experience

Sep 2014Present

Data Entry Clerk

Tierra Data Inc
— San Diego, CA— Shore-and vessel-based monitoring in the San Diego Bay for a US Navy marine construction project Worked with a team of 10 to prevent Level A takes of marine mammals under the MMPA Reported marine mammal strandings to NOAA or Sea World's animal rescue personnel Used Microsoft Access for data entry and archival Operated and maintained small boats from 15 to 23 feet
Aug 2014Present

Fisheries Technician

Steiner Environmental Consulting
— Ukiah, CA— & 2015 Fisheries Technician Participated in summer rearing surveys of ESA listed steelhead trout in the upper Eel River between Cape Horn Dam and Dos Rios at seven index river sites Gathered samples using backpack electrofishing equipment and identified, measured, and recorded length of all fish species collected
Jun 2015Dec 2015

Research Technician III

Hubbs SeaWorld Research Institute—
San Diego, CA— Research Technician III Assisted Hubbs SeaWorld Research Institute with the Ocean Resource Enhancement and Hatchery Program Deployed and retrieved 150' gillnets in southern California waters four days a week Identified, measured and recorded all fish species caught Maintained and repaired all gill nets with little to no supervision
Oct 2013May 2014

Customer Service Representative

Humboldt State University Center— Center Activities—
Arcata, CA— Customer Service Representative Managed customer relationships with a diverse and demanding client base while renting outdoor gear/equipment and maintaining the rental inventory Progressive level of responsibilities include creating advertisements to promote upcoming leisure and outdoor classes
Apr 2013Jul 2013

Student Research Assistant

USDA Pacific Basin Agricultural Research Center
— Hilo, HI— Student Research Assistant Prepared larva for use in field experiments Marked hundreds of flies with paper and RFID tags for use in field experiments Participated in several mark and recapture experiments of the oriental fruit fly Collected and recorded data for a fecundity experiment of parasitic wasps Monitored an ongoing environmental chamber experiment for the Mediterranean fruit fly Collected host fruit for the Oriental and Mediterranean fruit fly from the field
Jun 2012Aug 2012

Biological Technician

United States Forest Service—
Almanor Ranger District, Lassen National Forest— Biological Technician(Fisheries) GS-0404-04 Worked with a team of four to perform various tasks in the Lassen National Forest Employed intensive and extensive ecological monitoring of stream habitats Assisted higher level biologists in assessing pre-and post-activity habitat conditions within forest management activity areas Used biological snorkeling techniques to conduct adult spring-run Chinook salmon population estimates Performed field surveys for Forest Service Sensitive amphibian species Conducted aquatic macroinvertebrate sampling to be included in the Region 5 Bioassessment Project Collected stream habitat data using the Region 5 Stream Condition Inventory(SCI) monitoring protocol Used surveying equipment to create bathymetric cross sections of stream channels Accompanied wildlife biologists in spawning surveys for the California spotted owl on a number of occasions