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Work experience

Fountain of Youth MD

Allergy testing and Sales


May 2014

Criminal Justice

Southern New Hampshire University

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Brian Francolini, from Ellington, CT, is the son of Rick and Marjorie Francolini and has one brother and two sisters. Mr. Francolini is a 2009 graduate of Ellington High School, where he was a member of the soccer, basketball, and baseball varsity teams. In both 2007 and 2008, the Ellington High School soccer team won the State Championship, and Francolini was named Tournament MVP in both years.Brian was only 15 when he went to Portugal for a once in a life time experience. When he got there he was somewhat star struck seeing all the pictures on the training ground and in the facility of Cristiano Ronaldo, knowing that he was training on the same field as the best player in the world. The complex is huge with roughly 10 perfectly groomed grass soccer fields, 2 indoor soccer fields, and a stadium for the academy teams to play their games against other academies. At the end of the week Brian had a sit down talk with the coach for his age group and a translator, because the coach didn’t speak any English. The coach told Brian that he really liked how Brian played and wanted to sign him for a 1 year contract. Brian was so excited about the news but Brian’s parents wanted him to finish high school and go to college and play soccer there. Also they didn’t want their 15 year old son to live in a different country where he wouldn’t know anyone.