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Why I Am Better Than The Competition

When I look at the job boards online, I can’t help but notice positions for a social media intern, a part-time social media assistant, or a social media ninja. The fact of the matter is that 95% of so called “social media” candidates do not know how social media works. At the same time, employees request the candidates work for 10 hours a week. Employees who do not realize social media is a full-time, 70+ hours a week position are less knowledgeable than the candidates they are hiring.

Employees answer this: 

 What do you hope to gain from using social media and inbound/organic marketing strategies?

The answer I hear most often is “Well, I hear there are a lot of people on Facebook, and we want to make them become our paying customers.” What they do not understand is using Facebook alone is not enough. Using social media alone is not enough. In order to perform online marketing in an effective manner, you have to use all inbound marketing strategies in a synergistic marketing approach.

  • Social media development, management, and optimization.
  • On and off-page search engine optimization
  • Search engine marketing
  • Directory submission of articles and press releases
  • Social bookmarking submission
  • One-way inbound links (not link exchange or reciprocal links)
  • Blog posting , commenting, and hosting
  • Forum posting
  • Footer links
  • Affiliate review posting
  • RSS feed submission
  • Video submission
  • Profile creation
  • Link wheel

I know how all these skills work together. Think of it as a baseball team. You need more than sluggers. You need good pitchers. You need a guy who can get on and steal bases. You need error-free defense. The moral is that social media is PROPERLY used when all the facets of digital marketing are infused and cross-referenced correctly.

These skills take years to learn. They are not “pluses,” they are requirements. Not only that, but the change and updates in programs and algorithms change literally on a weekly basis. Keeping updated with these trends takes more time then engagement on social media. I pride myself in being able to formulate a strategy that encompasses blog writing, branding, creative direction, public relations, SEM/SEO, social media marketing, research, and web development. Also, I am able to keep current with all trends and updates.

If you are looking for someone to play on Facebook and Twitter all day, they don’t need more than 10 hours a day or intern wage. However, if you want to leverage social media into web traffic, use a blog to increase you page rank in SERPs, shoot to the top of Google, and measure analytically your ROI and branding…you are looking for someone like me: a multifaceted digital marketing professional specializing in social media development and content curation.

Commuter Locations


  • North: New Hampshire Border
  • West: Worcester
  • South West: Warwick/Newport/Woonsocket
  • South: Hyannis


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References & Recomedations

Please contact me before contacting my references.

Dan Onishuk
Sales Director at ProMera Sports

Jenn Nickerson
Web Developer at Jenn's Web Design

David Maurand
CEO at DesignPhase3

Matthew Neumann
Owner of Rocket Fish Media/Oracle Productions

Vince Cragin
Attorney at Halloran, Lukoff, & Smith, P.C.

Kevin Carter
President at Carter's Clothing

Peter Lizotte
Independent Title Examinations 

As the Social Media Manager, Brian has done an exceptional job defining and executing the social media strategy for our company and our client base. His knowledge, skills, and experience plays an instrumental role in implementing Loudbus' social media identity and marketing strategy. Brian has a solid understanding of web analytics, the social media universe, and the know how to integrate interactive media into the overall business strategy. He is a valuable member of our team. He is a hard worker who proves his commitment and dedication by taking on added responsibilities and supporting his co-workers on multiple projects. He is creative in his approach and significantly contributes to client needs. He has a collaborative style of management that will greatly enhance any team cohesiveness. Brian has my highest recommendation and character reference.

David Antoni Bussiere
CEO & Founder
Loudbus Creative Marketing

This letter is my personal recommendation for Brian C. Halloran. Brian has been an asset to our work environment for many years. I have found him to be consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication and a smile. Brian is highly respected by his co-workers for his willingness to help anyone anytime he can. He is very well organized, diligent in his paperwork, easily reachable, and always on time. I highly recommend Brian for employment. He is a team player and would make a great asset to any organization.

Nina Cabral
Executive Assistant to Attorney Murray Lukoff
Halloran, Lukoff & Smith, P.C.

I have worked with Brian at the law firm of Halloran, Lukoff & Smith, P.C. for the past four years. During such time, Brian has been an extremely dependable co-worker. In my capacity, I have worked directly with him overseeing and reviewing his title abstracts and examination reports on many occasions and have found him to be very detail orientated in this regard. Additionally, Brian is always willing to assist with other administrative duties and tasks often offering his help without being asked.

Lisa M. Henderson
Senior Paralegal of Commercial Real Estate & Corporate Affairs
Halloran, Lukoff & Smith, P.C.

Brian has headed up the graphic design of the MKH Music website and album covers for the past 6 years. His graphic design skills as well as his SEO knowledge has helped in getting my business grow and become avenues to potential clients. I also use Brian to create a greater web presence for my company on social media websites. I trust his creative input when it comes to marketing my brand. I highly recommend his work.  

DJ Real One
Owner & CEO MKH Music Studio, Inc.