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Brett Veenstra

Director of Emerging Technologies, at Computing Source

Work experience

Jul 2013Present

Director of Emerging Technologies

Computing Source

• Responsible for delivery of value through software and processes, deciding Build vs. Buy on technical initiatives. Identified, obtained, and implemented multiple tools to increase communication and collaboration in environment experiencing rapid growth (octupling personnel, quadrupling locations, doubling departments within 12-month period).

• Doubled company revenues by spearheading Chicago office roll-out – managing, in-person and remotely, multiple concurrent projects and personnel. Without formal position or authority, used leadership, organization, and communication skills to coordinate and align dozens of new hires, equipment, inventory, vendors, processes, and infrastructure to rapidly establish a profitable new location.

• Migrated paper-based production workflow tracking to web-based Kanban system - analyzed, created, and drove adoption providing: faster time to bill, multi-location collaboration on tasks, and increased communication amongst sales, billing, management and production teams. Wrote custom applications that integrated web API to provide automated backup and additional search capability to speed invoicing.

• Established company-wide CRM – investigated, recommended, drove adoption, and developed customized workflows. Developed applications that integrated with web API for backup, sales reporting, and marketing processes.

• Developed enterprise-wide token-based authentication service – featuring rate limiting, load balancing, traceability, automatic token expiration, and easy deployment/rollback.

• Developed web-based portal with ad-hoc reporting and interactive charts: providing reduced time to bill of hosted data through custom crawling service – integrating databases and remote structured files.

Skills Employed: Management, Leadership, Application Architecture, Kanban, LEAN development, C#, REST, ASP.NET, SQL Server, Postgres, nginx, web/API integration, Redis, git, node.js, TeamCity, Data Modeling, Candidate Interviews, AngularJS, Grunt

Mar 2011Jul 2013

Software Engineer, Platform Team

Plex Systems, Inc.
• Identified, coordinated, and deployed over 300 changes to live database clusters, migrating key column in core tables with zero downtime to tens of thousands of users. • Ported IE-only “Pickers” to Chrome, FireFox, Safari (PC, Mac and iOS) across all VisionPlex screens (10,000+) – functionality covered with automated unit and Selenium functional tests. • Introduced, justified, and lead adoption for SOLID architecture, Resharper, and other static analysis tools within 100-person development team. • After securing SOLID as a recognized company standard, created generic IoC wrapper library for all .NET Plex projects to harness the power of Dependency Injection while remaining free of lock-in from any specific DI framework. • Created real-time, 100% web-based notification system via PubNub service, with hooks for all Plex tech stacks (Classic ASP, WebForm-based ASP.NET, web services, and front-controller .NET VisionPlex product). • Enabled x64 web stack by porting legacy authentication code to pure .NET DirectoryServices solution with zero downtime and increased code coverage, in a 365x7x24 environment. Skills Employed: OOP, C#, Software Engineering, Selenium, Cross-Browser Web Development, JavaScript, Code Refactoring, Unit Testing, SQL Server, ASP.NET, Continuous Delivery, Active Directory, Mentoring, Application Architecture, TeamCity, Data Modeling, web/API integration
Jan 2006Mar 2011

Senior Technical Analyst

Robert Bosch LLC
• Rewrote 3 existing applications into a single comprehensive Actuals, Forecast, and 4-year Business Planning reporting tool that provided faster results, enhanced user inputs, and ease of visibility into calculations. Using SQL-based calculations, .NET WinForms interface, optimized Essbase reporting, and following Agile principles of continuous-delivery, close customer contact, working software, and welcoming of changes, project “Grizzly” became model system for department. Based on project success and viability of architecture, named Lead for Calculations, UI, and Reporting models of Department-wide UBK-RM project. • Architected new global tool “Launch Pad” using TDD, NHibernate, and Design Patterns, mentored development team in architecture and development. • Sought out and cultivated vendor relationships that provided 40% savings in software licensing and improved computation times with thorough knowledge transfer from outside consultants. • Championed LEAN Development model – worked with management and rest of team to develop an end-to-end system for value delivery using FitNesse, FogBugz, and Kanban. • Leveraged existing hardware and developed custom Python-based job system to allow on demand archiving of OLAP cubes, providing overall reduction in storage costs and traceability for budgets and planning scenarios - awarded Lean Admin winner after presenting the problem, solution, and results to CFO of North American. • Promoted collaboration and teamwork amongst departmental associates through introduction of FogBugz, source control, continuous integration, and “Lunch & Learn” initiatives. Skills Employed: OOP, C#, Software Engineering, TDD, SQL Server, LEAN Development / Kanban, FitNesse, WinForms, Code Refactoring, Mentoring, Application Architecture, Continuous Delivery, NHibernate, TeamCity, Mercurial, Data Modeling, Business Intelligence, Technical Interviews
Jul 2002Dec 2005

Senior Software Engineer

Insight Environmental
• Architected and led development of custom payroll deduction benefits application “DeductABill” – SQL-server based Windows application that coordinates insurance premium payments for thousands of users. • Led development of web-based insurance certification system that included cross-browser validation and dynamic PDF generation. • Database Lead responsible for all Modeling, Stored Procedures, Replication, and Performance in Data Tier of Waste Industry Vertical Software Product. • Refactored VB6 code base to handle and log errors properly, organize code by tiers in preparation for .NET migration, and break apart “balls of mud” into modular, more maintainable components. • Application Lead for all .NET-based product development – Ticket Booth automation with Signature Capture, RFID, PLC coordination service, and data aggregation. • Performed technical and follow-up interviews of candidates, and consulted in final decision. Skills Employed: Leadership, Mentoring, VB6, COM, SQL Server, Web Development, .NET, Automated Testing, Automated Builds, Data Modeling, OOP, Code Refactoring, Product Development, Technical Interviews



Bachelor's Degree

University of Michigan
Graduated With Distinction: concentration GPA: 3.98

Calvin College


Continuous Integration
Visual Basic
System Architecture
Software Project Management
Software Engineering
Test Driven Development
Software Development
Database Design
Agile Methodologies
Microsoft SQL Server