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Brett Galley operates and serves as the director of special events at Hollywood Pop Gallery, a company her Mother ,artist Joyce Galley founded. An art school attendee herself, Brett Galley envisioned a career as a fine arts dealer but soon discovered a passion for staging events, for a growing list of celebrity & corporate clientele. Today, she likes to say, she has evolved into an art dealer, just a "live" arts dealer, representing and booking name talent performers as well as traditional bookings.

Hollywood has grown to have locations in Manhattan and London, as well as in Greenwich, Connecticut, but remains true to its vision of creating events that feature influences from the art world.

Brett Galley offers a host of practical services in addition to promising an unforgettable artistic event. While many people think hiring an event planner is an unnecessary expense, doing so can save time, money, and stress caused by inevitable mishaps leading up to and during an event. For instance, Brett Galley has ably solved last-minute problems ranging from a fallen hem on a wedding dress to limousines that fail to arrive. The sheer breadth of team POP's experience also ensures that events come together with an efficiency of time and money that someone without her contacts and background would struggle to achieve.

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