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Personal Disposition

I have always had a strong desire for lifelong learning, and very much enjoy experiencing difficult and exciting challenges.  I aspire to attain exceptional expertise in the fields of teaching and technology literacy to not only broaden my horizons but enable me to provide positive opportunities for other individuals.  My mission in teaching is to promote positive social change by empowering learners to reach their full potential as highly motivated lifelong learners who are confident, compassionate, and knowledgeable members of society.  I feel that my dynamic background through my college experiences, as well as my previous volunteer work, training, and teaching in education, have provided me with the necessary skills to carry out any task which may come my way in a professional and reputable manner. 



Dec 2009Present

TESOL Certification

TEFL International
TESOL Certificate Course is a four week intensive course that includes approximately 120 hours of study and at least 6 hours of Observed Teaching Practice. It meets or exceeds all international standards for Initial Teacher Training.


Tammy Thanachanant, Supervisor at Anubanpathaivittaya School

Mobile: 092-252-0061 Email: [email protected]

Lee Thornton, Course Director at English and I

Mobile: 080-234-8883 Email: [email protected]

Work experience

Apr 2013Present

ESL Teacher

English and I, Banjongrat School
  • Integrated technology to make learning meaningful and engaging for students.
  • Evaluated the students' skills and understandings to adjust lessons based on their learning needs.
  • Reflected upon my pedagogy to make adjustments and continuously engage in professional development to better meet student interests, readiness levels, and learning profiles.
May 2010Mar 2013

ESL Teacher

Anubanpatthaivittaya School
  • Designed lesson plans and resourceful materials to use in class to teach students relative and useful English language skills.
  • Evaluated teaching resources and strategies through reflective collaboration to benefit, support, and raise all student achievement levels.
  • Assessed students understanding, knowledge, and skills to meet the established learning goals.


Positive leadership, flexibility, and adaptability
I am significantly adaptable to complex situations and eagerly learn from diverse perspectives and reflection. I am goal orientated and I possess effective time management skills. I am passionate about lifelong learning and professional development. I possess highly productive interpersonal and intrapersonal problem solving skills. I also actively seek to inspire ethical behavior, lifelong learning, and positive social change.
Communication and collaboration skills
I actively seek out and create learning communities. I consistently receive positive feedback on my diverse research findings and academic papers. I am also exceedingly confident in public speaking through several years of teaching experience, collaboration, and networking.
Information, media, and technology literacy
I have become highly effective at locating, evaluating, and using information for professional development, lesson planning, and lifelong learning. I am well adapted at creating multimedia artifacts to demonstrate mastery of content, skills, learning goals, and the ethical use of information. I also possess a deep understanding of how to use digital resources for inquiry, networking, creating meaningful learning experiences, evaluating, reflecting, and lifelong learning.

Advocating Change for the Twenty-First Century Learner

To meet the diverse learning needs of the digital natives who populate our classrooms teachers must design lessons with both their students and the learning goals in mind and allocate the appropriate resources to make learning meaningful and accessible to all learners. I have attached several documents which demonstrate my ability to accomplish these tasks.