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::: About :::

Bret Kittle is a driven, creative, and talented member of the creative development community with a passion for artistic storytelling through the interactive digital experience.  With experience developing from both the technical and creative sides, he would be the perfect addition to any team needing a well-rounded developer.

::: Currently :::

Bret's dream job is to work as an in game 3D Artist or a Technical Artist for a game studio in either the Bay area or Orange County areas of California.  He currently works as a Front-end Web Developer for Endicia in downtown Palo Alto.

Bret also takes on freelance projects in both game artwork and user interface/web programming.  If you have a specific asset in need of creation feel free to get in contact!

Work experience

Jan 2009Present

QA Tester



Worked on the PS3 version of Prototype on the testing floor at the El Segundo location of Activision’s offices (formerly Vivendi Games.) Did verification testing to ensure that bugs from previous builds of the game had been taken care of. Also played through the game in systematic detail and reporting any bugs by uploading screen shots, video, and descriptions into the developer’s database.

Projects Worked on:

 - "Prototype"

Sep 2009Present

Front-end Web Developer


I am currently working on re-skinning the new company site, as well as building graphics and programming the front end side of a myriad of web applications in development by the company.  I am programming using XHTML/CSS, Javascript, and ColdFusion.

Jun 2007Aug 2007

Junior Creative Director and Designer [Intern]

Fundraiser Software


Worked directly with the company President and the Marketing director to assist in the complete redesign of software icons and software discs with a focus on continuity between product lines while staying true to existing brand imaging.  Interspersed throughout this larger project were several smaller projects including creating button icons for the company web site at a moments notice and creating magazine advertisements on the fly.

Software Used:

 - Photoshop CS3

 - Illustrator CS3

 - 3D Studio Max 2009

Jun 2005Aug 2005

Web Designer/Developer

The Master's Craft Flooring Company


Designed and developed an internal company network system for aiding company employees during a major software conversion for the sales and accounting departments. Met with office managers of both major locations and the company IT director in order to insure that the conversion process was as seamless as possible.

Software Used:

 - Dreamweaver MX

 - Photoshop CS2

 - Flash MX

 - ColdFusion MX


Aug 2004May 2008

B. S. in Graphic Arts


Deborah Innis

Gene Weinbeck

Andy McClain

Niki de Soto

"Aside from jumping right in with no hesitation, his infectious smile and ability to handle last minute changes made working with him a pleasure … Our door will always be open to him."

Game Art Portfolio

User Interface & Web Portfolio


Illustrator CS3 & CS2
Photoshop CS3 & CS2
Flash CS3 & MX
3D Studio Max