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Work experience

Nov 2014May 2015


Quack's 43rd Street Bakery

European style from-scratch neighborhood bakery. Duties included intensive and constant face to face customer service, running POS register, making various coffee and other drinks, and serving baked goods. 

Jun 2014Oct 2014



Fast Food Coffee shop. Duties included running POS register, maintaining visual standards, customer interaction/service, making drinks and heating pastries

Jul 2013Apr 2014


Vintage Paris Coffee Shop

Gourmet Coffee Shop. Duties included running POS register, maintaining visual standards, and preparing various gourmet traditional espresso and drip coffees



Customer Service

Familiar with fast paced environment, and pleasing a variety of customer personalities.

Technological Proficiency

Years of experience with both mac and pc, multiple office programs including MS Office

Coffee Preparation
Experience on semi-auto, and full-auto espresso machines. Experience with drip and immersion brew methods including v60 and beehouse pourovers, chemex, french press, clever, cold brew, and aeropress. Milk steaming experience with SCAA standards of lattes, cappuccinos, and other espresso drinks.
First Aid
Capable of cleaning and covering wounds, cuts, and burns in emergency situations, trained in CPR.
Capable of building sufficient shelter in variable weather conditions, like a lean-to structure built with tree limbs and various leaves. Capable of trapping and preparing sustenance, like rabbits over open flame. Capable of signaling for help with only materials found in the wilderness, like using reflective rocks in combination with a fire to sign S.O.S.


Heather O'Connor, Manager

Quack's 43rd Street Bakery (847) 791-6917

Matthew Farmer, Manager/Owner

Vintage Paris Coffee Shop (417) 288-1233


May 2014May 2016

Williamson County Food Handler's Certification

Dec 2013

Eagle Scout: Boy Scouts of America


Writing, Philosophy, Camping, Environmental Science, Canoeing, Kayaking, Gardening, Indian Lore, Rifle Shooting, Fitness, Swimming, Cycling, Hiking, Running.