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The nature of information is changing.  Communication technologies are driving humanity towards an increasingly hyperconnected and collaborative society.  While the potential to share ideas and creations is limitless, we must move towards this inevitable future as effective and ethical users of information.  

The skills of the 21st century learner and worker are based on critical thinking, communication and innovation.  It is imperative to build these strengths in our citizens through effective information literacy instruction.  Librarians and information specialists must play a key role in developing these talents, and I hope to have the opportunity to participate in this noble goal.  

Below are listings of my previous experience and education.  I have also included samples of lessons, presentations, and other work that showcase my abilities as a communicator.  

Work experience

Feb 2008Present

Programmatic Researcher

University of Rhode Island
  • Conducted programmatic research for the Metcalf Institute for Environmental Reporting.
  • Assisted in planning for the Annual Science Immersion Workshop for Journalists.
Aug 2008Nov 2008

Acting District Supervisor (Interpretation)

  • Handled supervisory responsibilities for park employees and volunteers.
  • Prepared monthly and year-end statistical reports.
  • Assisted in planning of interpretive programs.
  • Was liaison to public presenters and special guests of Cape Cod National Seashore.
Jun 2004Aug 2008

Park Ranger (Interpretation)

  • Researched, created and led many interpretive programs for the park. Programs were aimed at all demographics in order to give a detailed understanding of the area’s rich cultural and natural history.
  • Was part of a team effort, working with several of the park divisions to improve the interpretive experience of the visitor.
  • Handled Visitor Center operations including fees, patron orientation to the park, and bookstore operation.
Mar 2007Jun 2007

Park Ranger (Education)

  • Collaborated with local schools to establish educational programs based upon the “Parks as Classrooms” initiative.Programs were given both in the schools and within the park, allowing students to connect with the resource and to learn about the environment.
  • Assisted in developing the curriculum of Cape Cod National Seashore’s Education Department.
  • Contacted outside educational groups, extending the park’s education programs to other schools and organizations.


Maryanne O'Brien

"Collaboratively, Brennan, a natural teacher, created and implemented exceptional standards-based lessons that extensively involved students in inquiry-based projects.  Brennan's lessons offered students an opportunity to individualize and construct his or her learning experience.  They also offered the student's ownership of the process and the product, as well as an opportunity to be self-directed, apply critical/analytical thinking, organizational, and presentation skills...Clearly, he has the ability to create, implement, and manage an exemplary, dynamic, technologically rich 21st century school library media program." Mentor Evaluation

Cheryl McCarthy

"Bravo! Brennan is the most outstanding student in my practicum and he shows the most promising skills as an LMS! Brennan is a gifted teacher and LMS...Brennan has quickly adapted to this LMC program and he provides a welcoming environment to help all students succeed. He is a team player. He will be doing the budgeting and collection development for his school's library." Practicum Site Visit Evaluation


Sep 2007Present


University of Rhode Island
  • Specializing in School Library Media Services and Information Literacy Instruction

Practicum Portfolio