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Software Developer with experience with multiple programming languages and with expertise with Angular and Nativescript. History of improving team efficiency and successful project outcomes. 

Work experience


Dev-Ops Team Leader

Sparta Digital

working with a small team of 6 consisting of various skill levels and backgrounds. leading the team into adopting the Agile Methodology, Starting with Daily Scrums and Retrospectives promoting Team Communication and Accurate Estimations,   working on the Development Workflow, implementing CI for automatically creating Demos for others in the company could play with and provide feedback.


Software Developer

Sparta Digital

Working independently  alongside the Project Managers, to disseminate a project into its working parts developing Applications for Mobile and Web using Cordova and Kendo UI 


Junior Developer


As a Junior Developer, my Responsibilities grew to the point where i was able to take specific tasks on projects from conception to review. I still worked closely with the CTO and Other Developers and communicated on a daily basis what the status of whatever project i was working on. 


Apprentice Developer

SpartaDigital / Manchester College

As an Apprentice Developer, i worked alongside the CTO on various projects, i started with some PHP/Backend Experience and as such helped with whatever tasks i needed alongside my studies. 


Frontier Cities (Phase-1) | | EOL 2017,

Frontier Cities is an EU funded project which supports SMEs and start-ups to develop Smart Mobility applications for cities across Europe!


  • Original Buzzin App, (AKA Buzzin with HopOn). this was a Cordova/Telerik AppBuilder based application making use of the Kendo UI Mobile Framework and JQuery.  The Application featured "HopOn" - a smart mobile ticketing system that made use of Beacons (on the iBeacon Protocol) that was installed in the x43 Bus between Manchester and Burnley. The system allowed users to Hop on to the bus with the app and Hop off whenever they want and the System would only charge for the stops made. 

Relevant Technology

  • Cordova
  • Kendo UI Mobile
  • JQuery
  • NodeJS
  • BrainTree
  • iBeacons

Cityverve |  | 2018

CityVerve brings together the brightest minds and pioneering uses of IoT technologies to redefine ‘smart’ in the context of a living, working city.


  • Augmented Reality Application, Buzzin app (version 2) was developed for the Chinese new year, implementing a 'Pokemon go'-esque game for when the user collected the coins of the Zodiac, this was Built again with Cordova and the Wikitude Cordova Plugin. 
  • Buzzin app (version 3) was completely redeveloped in Nativescript, being centered towards an Augmented Reality City Concierge with features related to Events, We worked with MMU, TFGM, Manchester Council and the Christmas Markets to bring various Augmented Reality experiences.
  • Smart Parking, was an Application with Admin/CMS, Built from Scratch using Angular + Nativescript for the Mobile and Angular for the CMS. The Application was user-focused, allowing the User to Book a Parking space, and be notified of any changes (such as if someone else was in the spot). The CMS Allowed the Reception staff see who is Booked, allow them to make bookings on Peoples Behalf and gave them a Live Map Representing of the Smart Parking, taking data from smart cameras and mixed with the data from the Smart Parking System.

Relevant Technology

  • Nativescript
  • Angular 6
  • Nx Angular Extensions
  • Firebase
  • Wikitude ( Nativescript Plugin developed by myself )
  • Cordova

Simpatico | | EOL 2019

By integrating language processing, machine learning and human computation SIMPATICO can deliver personalised services that are much more understandable, efficient and effective, thus increasing business competitiveness and citizen inclusion. 


  • Working with Sheffield City Council, i created an AEM Component for the Key Frontend Technology integrating the various components developed by other partners.
  • Representing the Company Abroad with Presentations and contributions to the Consortium's discussions.

Relevant Technology

  • Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)
  • Docker
  • Linux

STORM | | EOL 2019

STORM provides critical decision making tools to all European Cultural Heritage stakeholders charged to face climate change and natural hazards. The project improves existing processes related to three identified areas: Prevention, Intervention and Policies, planning and processes. 

Open-source contributions / Projects

Personal Life

My Personal life is usually spent being with my Family, Planning activities and generally trying to keep my Daughter entertained while she's at home. 

when that's not the case, and if i have some time in between keeping up with the latest in the development world, then i enjoy Some PC Gaming.