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Passion Meets Functional Articulation

Community Based Brains/ Collective Advancement

Time spent

Aug 2011Sep 2014

customer Service/ Cashier/ Preparation

Whole Foods Market LA Jolla                      Coffee                                                                  juices                                                                     bread baking

Understanding product and preparation. Creatively use recipes, and innovating new options based on customer demand and materials  

Actively involved in inventory control, ordering, and tracking waste.

Constructing relationships with new and returning customers to ensure total belief in the experience.

Furthering knowledge

Aug 2012May 2017

Future Studies

San Diego City College

Currently working towards a degree in Future Studies with an emphasis in teaching, guidance, and urban planning. 

Jun 2006

High school Diploma

University city High school

Graduate of San Diego Unified School District


Developing new ideas, methods, and avenues. 
No description necessary. 
Conversation/ listening
Articulate ability to convey information, ideas, or solutions.
Pursuing ability to communicate in Spanish.

find enjoyment

                                           I seek out traveling new roads, music, oceanic activities, and organic cultivation.

                                         I want simplicity authenticated by interaction among the community.

                                         Actively working for convincing harmony through leading as an example.