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Work experience

Sep 2005Present


North Penn Soft Clothe

§Perfected time management and planning skills by successfully maintaining full-time academic status while working fifty hours a week.

§Employed multitasking skills to react to changes in fast paced working environment.

§Developed advertising and produced materials for a discounted summer wash package.



·Customer Service


·Supervised over 15 employees

·Promotions and Advertising

·Successfully handled all cash, credit card, and safe deposits

Jun 2001Oct 2005

Parking Attendant/ Doorman

Alber Half Parking Services
  • Vehicle Parking: Assessment and documentation of any vehicle damage prior to taking possession, safe operation of the customer’s vehicle; in accordance with all applicable laws and ordinances, parking of customer vehicles in designated spaces within the designated garage or lot, recording of parking space location and number on valet ticket, and delivery of keys and ticket to the valet cashier.
  • Vehicle Retrieval: Upon request, retrieval of said vehicles to the point of request and use of valet parking system devices in accordance with company policy.
  • Customer Service: Make customer service, care and satisfaction the priority in every interaction, and assistance with opening of vehicle/building doors as required by customers.
  • Oct 2002Jan 2005

    Deli/ Seafood shift manager

    Giant Food
    • Customer service
    • Product stocking
    • Cooking
    • General cleaning


    Sep 2008May 2010


    Temple University


    Video Editing Software
    I have shot and edited numerous video projects. I am familiar with Final Cut Pro, Avid, and IMovie. I have shot and edited interviews, weddings, music videos, television shows. I have worked with some linear editing projects.
    Audio Editing Software
    I have worked on numerous projects using Protools, Logic, Cubase, and Garage Band. The software I have become most familiar with is Protools. I have edited interviews, audio books, live musical performances, created sound effects and audio theater pieces.


    Micheal Maise

    Jim Coughlin

    Timothy McGregor


    Live music, finding new musical artists, museums, cycling, exercizing,  Philadelphia Phillies, Philadelphia Eagles, movies, books, magazines, cooking, dining, traveling, hiking, fishing,drawing, painting,cars, producing media, meeting new people. 


    I was born on July 8th , 1986 in Abington Pennsylvania. James and Anne Concannon had just purchased their first house in South Philadelphia which was my home until age three. Several years after I was born my parents moved my older brother Devin and I to a larger house in Northeast Philadelphia where one final member would join our family, my younger sister Lauren. We lived in the Northeast as a family of five for almost a decade, and then moved to North to the suburbs in October of 1999.

    As a preteen growing up just outside of the city I was given a lot of freedom to explore. My brother and I formed a very close bond as children and always hung out in the same social circles. This bond with my older brother helped me find my way into things way before I should have, but at the same time always made me more mature for my age or gave me the sense that I was wise beyond my years. Life as we knew it changed drastically after our parents sold our house in the Northeast section of Philadelphia.

    Our move out of the city was mainly to escape its confines and for all of us kids to enter the suburban public schools. At first the lifestyle change was a shock, but ultimately for the best. Organized sports leagues and music lessons began to consume my life. As devastating as the move was in our early teens, I adapted very well and made lots of friends quickly. I began to play guitar after I realized sports were not for me. After several years of lessons, I formed my first band with several of my close friends. We played local shows throughout the area, and recorded several CDs.Middle school and High school flew by, and became very popular throughout a diverse group of peers.

    Upon graduating high school, I was not exactly certain of what I wanted to do, so in a attempt to find out I attended Montgomery County Community College. After one semester at Montco I had realized that with my years playing in a band I wanted to produce music or be an audio engineer. So I began studying audio, after taking several classes I came to the realization that I might be better off being very well rounded in media arts as opposed to just one area of it. I had decided that communications was absolutely the major for me. During my time at Montco, I also began to manage a car was and detailing center. My second year of college I was a full time student and a full time manager of a business.

    After receiving my associates in communications from Montco, I decided to transfer to Temple University to complete my bachelors. When I transferred to Temple University I also moved out for the first time. This was a very exciting time in my life. I completed my first year at Temple with ease, and gained a lot of life experience living in North Philadelphia. Today I live just outside Temple in the Manayunk area. I am a first semester senior, trying to get everything together for graduation. I am anxiously waiting to study abroad next semester In London, England where I will also hold an internship. Upon completion of next semester I will graduate and will begin to take steps towards starting a career. I am hoping my experiences abroad will help me learn things about myself, and what field I really want to work in.


    To obtain an entry level position with a broadcasting company, or broadcast advertising company.